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Mobility Agreement PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobility Agreement

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Mobility Agreement

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Mobility Agreement

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  1. Mobility Agreement Mobility Info Day Brussels, 19 October 2009 Doug Bartlett Fusion Association Agreements Research DG European Commission

  2. RTD Unit J4 team for Associations Philosophy and purpose of the mobility agreement A brief word about budgets Outline

  3. Cluster Associations Steer research work in associations Promote collaborative work between associations Help small associations Promote joint tools and equipment (JET, HPC) Implement recommendations of Facility review report Contact : R. Giannella Contact point for Mobility : Ina Grope Unit J4 - Structure Head of Unit : Yvan Capouet Horizontal matters Contact : D. Bartlett • Ensure overall consistency • Setting-up new legal instruments • Contract management • Legal implementation of IEA Multilateral Agreement • Contribution to Directorate’s communication actions Cluster IPR, industrial policy • To broaden the Industrial involvement in Fusion and make European Industry more competitive • Promote technology transfer from Associations to industry partners • Training on IPR • Managing IPR abroad • Contact : C. Ibbott Cluster EFDA • Promote efficient steering by EFDA of research activities • Promote efficient use of JET • Scientific and technical matters • Contact : D. Maisonnier

  4. The Team Yvan CapouetHead of Unit Carole DelvauxAssistant to HoU Doug BartlettProgramme Officer Ruggero Giannella Programme Officer Rosa AntidormiProgramme Officer Ana Garcia SaguarLegal Officer Steven BoothProgramme Officer Ina GropeAssistant toAssociations Cluster Patricia LibertUnit Assistant

  5. General administration and procedures: Ina Grope (Patricia Libert) Legal aspects: Ana Garcia Saguar Matters specific to your Association: Rosa Antidormi(Belgian State, CEA, DCU, Hellenic Republic) Steven Booth(CU, FOM, FZK, FZJ, HAS, INRNE, IPP.CR, IPPLM, Latvia, LEI, MEdC, MHEST, TEKES) Ruggero Giannella(CIEMAT, ENEA, IPP, IST, ÖAW, RISØ, Swiss Confederation, UKAEA, VR) Your contact points

  6. We have (and want to maintain) an integrated European fusion programme That means: many collaborations between Associations, coordinated activities (ie. several Associations working together under EFDA) collective actions such as JET (all Associations working together under EFDA) The financial support provided by the Mobility Agreement makes this possible The “glue” which helps to hold the programme together! Why do we have aMobility Agreement?

  7. From the text of the agreement:“to promote enhanced collaboration and integration of the Programme, and to foster international cooperation” In practice, this means: encourage collaboration between Associations on research activities, support participation in meetings necessary for coordinated activities under EFDA, support research activities under international agreements, and representation of the EU in specified meetings. The purpose of the Mobility Agreement

  8. Every year the Commission commits funds for use under the Mobility Agreement, according to the available budget. Therefore, each Association is given a ceiling for the year, based on past use of mobility. The sum of all the ceilings is equal to the mobility budget. But, adjustments of the ceilings which maintain the total may be made during the year, according to any anticipated over or under spending. Flexibility Annual Budget