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We Share Because We Care PowerPoint Presentation
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We Share Because We Care

We Share Because We Care

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We Share Because We Care

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  1. We Share Because We Care By Stacy Sanders SIG Group Members: Laura DeGrendel, Kourtney Frick

  2. PROPOSAL • To create a website that will include classroom policies, frequently asked questions, and suggestions for parents to aide their children.

  3. NEED -Twenty-Four Staff Surveys indicated the need for an additional/alternative form of communication. • The #1 response when asked what teachers biggest issue with parents, they reported it was some form of miscommunication or non-communication. • The average score out of 10 on how appreciative the teacher would be with a website of this magnitude was a 7.

  4. RELEVANT RESEARCH • Kid Source Online • Avoid conflict between parents and teachers through open, ongoing communication • Break Through Digest • American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children with ADHD need good parent/teacher communication as part of their treatment • A Council for Educational Change • Parent/teacher communication improves school relationships with the community • National PTA • Six types of parent involvement

  5. OBJECTIVES • WEBSITE • Teacher Section • A place to explain themselves, procedures, rules, and regulations • Parent Section • Important dates, messages, forms • “Blackboard” where parents ask questions • Student Section • Suggestions on how parents can help their children improve

  6. PERSONNEL • The only personnel that will be solely responsible for the website will be myself. I will however need assistance from the Technology Department, setting up “Blackboard,” and installing the web programs needed. I will also rely on other staff members to give useful suggestions regarding website content.

  7. RELEVANT RESOURCES • Family Life Magazine • Survey of the 10 things teacher dislike about parents and vice versa. This site gives suggestions to fix these problems. • Education World • Site that suggests we make the best out of the communication that is taking place between parents and teachers, and makes suggestions to do so. • Family Works • Gives suggestions for effective ways to build the bridge between parents and teachers. Shows that children are happier and healthier when good communication is happening between school and home.

  8. MY COMMITMENT • Served Committees in our District • Elected Government Delegate • Personal Interest and Benefit

  9. BUDGET • Technological Grant • Dream Weaver • Blackboard • Salary

  10. EVALUATION • “Zoomerang” Entrance and Exit Surveys • Both teachers and parents • Experience and Comparison • Child Improvement • May not be a direct correlation but research shows that it will be helpful

  11. SUCCESS • Teachers and Parents everywhere are trying to bridge that gap of communication. Each effort we make will improve the likelihood of success. This website is a tactile resource that can’t be thrown away, lost or destroyed. It will always be available. Not one other form of communication can say those same things. This website will a valuable tool when used by parents, students, and teachers.