chapter 9 sexuality as a social concept n.
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Chapter 9: Sexuality as a Social Concept PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 9: Sexuality as a Social Concept

Chapter 9: Sexuality as a Social Concept

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Chapter 9: Sexuality as a Social Concept

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  1. Chapter 9: Sexuality as a Social Concept For use with Human Sexuality Today (4th Ed.) Bruce King Slides prepared by: Traci Craig

  2. Chapter Overview • Sexuality of Women • Sexuality of Children • Sex Education • Sexual Socialization: Religion • Sexual Socialization: Media

  3. Sexuality of Women • Hebrew wivesno shame in sex within marriage • Hebrew folkloreLilith seduces husbands • Early Christianssex as sinful, Eve was a temptress • Women seduce men • Virgin Marypure and compassionate • Dichotomous view of woman

  4. Sexuality of Women • Men were ruled by reason, women by animal appetite • “Witch” executions • Victorian womenwomen now asexual, men were aggressors • Modern medicinenymphomania • From: temptressasexualsexual equals

  5. Sexuality of Women • Most negative views in Islamic culture • Veil the entire body to be in public • Female Genital Mutilation • Islamic male fear of female sexuality paradise includes 70 virgins, that never menstruate, and are always good-tempered.

  6. Sexuality of Children • Medieval societychildren as miniature adults • 1600sChildren carry original sin, evil impulse • 1700sChild as not adult, vulnerable and in need of protection, asexual • Freudpsychosexual stages, even 3 year olds

  7. Sexuality of Children • Protecting children from their own sexuality • Victoriancircumcision, belts, gadgets, to prevent exploration of genitals and masturbation • Other cultures encourage sexual exploration in children

  8. Sexuality of Children • Sambian culture7 yr old boys expected to have oral genital sex with adolescent boys • Azande cultureboys are in the role of wives to adult warriors • Hausa culturegirls are married at age 10 • Tiwi culture7 yr old girls married and having sex

  9. Sex Education • US sex education started as social hygiene • 1900s—sex education was moralistic, masturbationself abuse, insanity • 1905 guidelines include: • Girls do not need to know physiology and hygiene, but boys do need to know • 1940relationships, sex for marriage, and sex education not for girls

  10. Sex Education • 1960s—comprehensive education with open discussion and nonjudgmental environment, girls now included. • Sex education is not only facts, but also largely driven by the prevailing ideas in society about sex. • How does society teach us about sex?

  11. Sexual Socialization: Religion • 2 generations ago: Premarital sex is wrong and immoral • Today most teens have had sex • Religion is an important part of lives and guides decisions about sexuality • However, for many religious people their religion does not predict sexual behavior.

  12. Media • TV, movies, radio, music, magazines, and tabloids are omnipresent and pervasive in our society • The media shape how we view sex and how we believe we should behave. • The media provide scripts for how love and sex are supposed to work.

  13. Magazines and Tabloids • Magazines for men sold in drugstores and newsstands • Not just playboy, but Maxim/Cosmo type magazines for men and women. • Even Newsweek and Time have increased their references to sex in the last 30-40 years.

  14. Music • Sexually explicit lyrics • 2/3 of music videos have sexual imagery • Country music is not exempt • Teens who watch more music videos were more sexually permissive.

  15. Radio • Not regulated • ‘Shock Jock’ Howard Stern • Even in the early morning, not restricted or reserved and readily available to children.

  16. Movies • 1960s—breasts were first shown • By 1990s—female full frontal nudity • 1997—male genitals too • More importantly steamy sex scenes are becoming more common and more varied. • Autoeroticism, necrophilia, group sex, incest, lesbian and heterosexual scenes. • Not really shocking to mostMovies have just caught up with prevailing understanding about sex?

  17. Television • Powerful American Storyteller, repeating myths, ideology, facts, and patterns of relationships • 75% of prime time sexual content (talk) • 10%strong implication of sex acts • History ChannelHistory of Sex was highest-ever watched program

  18. Advertisements • Calvin Klein under attack for the use of sex in advertising. • The role of sex in advertising is largely to give the consumer the idea that using the product is associated with being attractive, sexy, exciting romantic interactions. • Just a reflection of society?

  19. Internet • Sex on the internet (not just pornographic content) is also likely to be a persuasive source of information about sex. • How do we protect children? • Interactive media, children aren’t always just consumer of sex online, but rather may become part of the medium.

  20. Cause and Effect • The media serves as a source of information over time. • European mediamore nudity (less exploitative), lower teen pregnancy rate • 1957—Highest teen pregnancy rate (US) • Today—highest unwed teen pregnancy rate