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Dolphins. The Ocean’s Acrobats. Parts to a Dolphin. Dolphin Movement.

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  1. Dolphins The Ocean’s Acrobats

  2. Parts to a Dolphin

  3. Dolphin Movement • Dolphins chase fish, get their sense of direction, and maneuver the ocean through echolocation. Basically, like bats, they send out waves that bounce back and help them navigate, locate prey, and avoid obstacles. They can even use this to locate fish hiding in the sand.

  4. Dolphin Pods

  5. Pacific White Sided Dolphins

  6. Types of Dolphins • Pacific white-sided dolphin

  7. Killer Whale

  8. Risso’s Dolphin

  9. Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin

  10. Amazon River Dolphin

  11. Dolphins & Humans

  12. Dolphin & Greek Myths • Since time immemorial, dolphins and humans have shared a special bond. They appear regularly in Greek mythology. Dionysus, a Greek god, was captured by pirates. When then ship set sail, he drove the pirates overboard, but then turned them into dolphins to always help others and never do wrong again.

  13. Nets • Spinner dolphins in the Pacific ocean are chased by fishing nets 5.6 times per year and caught 0.7 times.

  14. Kids Help Save Dolphins • The Kids Organization Against the Extinction of Dolphins (KOAED) in the United Kingdom works with kids from ages 11-18, fighting against the extinction of this very loved marine mammal. They have held community meetings and have made it illegal in that one part of the U.K. to even have a drift net. Wishing the United States was like that, children in different states have organized groups as well. www.agirlsworld.com

  15. Captivity

  16. Protection www.wdcs.org

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