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FIFA World Cup 2006 Countries PowerPoint Presentation
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FIFA World Cup 2006 Countries

FIFA World Cup 2006 Countries

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FIFA World Cup 2006 Countries

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  1. FIFA World Cup 2006Countries What sort of place do the footballers and supporters live in? Use these links to find out. Choose a qualifying country to find out about.

  2. Contents Title page Qualified countries General information about countries Where in the world? Wave a flag Maps Time zones Day and night What else?

  3. Qualified Countries Use this link to find the counties which have qualified. You can also play games Contents

  4. General information about countries World Fact Book Use the most up-to-date World Fact book. You can find lots of information on country size, population, cities and currently. Contents

  5. Where in the world? These sites will help to locate the countries, and some of the capital cities on the globe. World gazetteer This website also give the coordinates of many of the cities. Surface distance between two coordinates This web site will help you find the distance between two places. Work out how far supporters and players have had to travel. Contents

  6. Wave a flag Find a flag for the country you are supporting. What flags will other supporters be waving? World flags Colouring book of flags Some people like to have a national emblem. Find out all about them – National emblems Flower emblems of the world Contents

  7. Maps Looking at maps can help understand what sort of place a country is. Use these maps to help you find out about your chosen country. Expedia Atlas Zoom in to outline maps of countries World Atlas Maps of the world, continents and countries Contents

  8. Time zones It is not the same time all round the world. Find out what time it will be for supporters when they watch their team play. World Clock Time Zones This includes which places alter their clocks in the summer. World Time Server This site also shows you where on the globe the location is. Times around the world World time Zone Map Look at this to see how the time zones are not in straight lines. Why do some of the lines make detours? Contents

  9. Day and night See with your own eyes which countries are in night time and which are day time. Earth View Use this to see which parts of the world are currently in daylight and which are in darkness. Change the time and click on ‘update’ to see the world at other times. Contents

  10. What Else? Make your findings into a MS PowerPoint presentation. Make your own supporter’s kit. Design a football strip (or supporter’s scarf) for a country which reflects what you have found out about the country. Contents