preventing injuries n.
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Preventing Injuries PowerPoint Presentation
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Preventing Injuries

Preventing Injuries

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Preventing Injuries

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  1. Preventing Injuries

  2. Prevention is better than treatment. Here are some ways that you can avoid sports injuries.

  3. Make sure you are fit for the activity. • Only play sport when you are feeling fit and healthy. • And you have no existing injuries.

  4. Make sure that you develop the right techniques. • A bad technique in any sport can lead to an injury. • Eg. Poorly throwing the javelin can lead to an arm injury.

  5. Play at the right level. • Play with the right age group. • Play with a team or to a level that matches your ability. • Eg. If a young novice boxer played an adult professional, it would mean certain injury.

  6. Know the rules of your sport and obey them. • Rules are there for your protection. • So listen to the referee they are making decisions that may prevent you or a team mate an injury. (even if you don’t agree with them!)

  7. Make sure you are wearing the right kit. • If the sport that you play requires protective gear, for example a mouth guard, shin pads or helmet wear them! • Footwear is also important, so choose carefully.

  8. Make sure that your equipment is in good working order. • Damaged or broken kit can be dangerous and put your safety and the safety of others in jeopardy.

  9. Lift and carry equipment with care. • Lifting heavy equipment can cause you tosustain an injury even before you have started.

  10. Watch out for hazards in the playing area. • Broken glass on pitches, wet patches on floors and even rakes left in long jump pits can all cause accidents and injuries. • Weather conditions should also be taken into consideration. As a lack of visibility can cause accidents.

  11. Warm up Injuries such as strained and pulled muscles can be avoided by warming up correctly. Cool down A correct cool down helps prevent stiffness and soreness increasing recovery time. This makes you better prepared for the next event. Warm up and cool down correctly.