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How to Conclude Your Essay PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Conclude Your Essay

How to Conclude Your Essay

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How to Conclude Your Essay

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  1. How to Conclude Your Essay It is important to have closure to any essay you write. In order for the reader to know you are concluding, use a good transition sentence and then close your essay.

  2. Conclusions & Closers Some guiding principles for strong and effective conclusions: -- Focus on your main point and thesis.

  3. Conclusions & Closers -- Gratify your audience with at least one last sentence to make your point… Memorable!

  4. Conclusions & Closers -- End with emotional impact—an a ha! moment.

  5. Here are Five ways to Wow the reader with your conclusion! Restating the Thesis Coming Full Circle The Best for Last Ending The Quote Looking to the Future

  6. Restating the Thesis… Original Thesis: Every child should have a pet because pets provide companionship, teach compassion, and encourage responsibility. Rephrase the thesis. Saying it in a different way keeps the essay fresh. Rephrased Thesis: Companionship, compassion, and responsibility are three things that we can give to our children in the form of a warm, cuddly, and furry friend.

  7. Coming Full Circle… Finishing an essay where it began is an excellent method to bring the essay to a smooth finish. Revisiting the hook used to introduce the essay gives the reader the satisfying feeling of having come full circle.

  8. The Best for Last Ending… It’s always a good idea to present an essay’s strongest point last. This is particularly useful for shorter essays as it provides the dramatic or emotional impact needed for a good conclusion.

  9. The Quote… Why say it when someone else has? This strategy can legitimize the essay’s theme by showing somebody else corroborates the thesis. (Make sure you use an in-text citation when you quote someone else.)

  10. Looking to the Future State what might happen in the future about your issue. Leave the reader thinking about your facts and information you presented and the implications.

  11. Conclusions & Closers No matter which strategy is used, all great essay endings have impact and are fresh and memorable for the reader. .

  12. To Recap Restating the Thesis Coming Full Circle The Best for Last Ending The Quote Looking to the Future

  13. Conclusions & Closers Take the time and necessary precautions to leave a strong and lasting impression…