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Using the iPad

Using the iPad

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Using the iPad

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  1. Using the iPad 9/18/2013

  2. Learning Target • I can learn to navigate and use my iPad. Success Criterion: • I can complete at least half of the items on the iPad basic tricks list.

  3. Self-Assessment iPad Expert or Novice? • We shall soon see. Check off the items you are confident you know how to do.

  4. Pressing Stuff • The home button is round and located on the face of the device. • The power button is long and thin, and located on the silver casing. • The volume up and down buttons are on the side silver casing. • A switch to control either the volume mute OR screen rotation is by the volume.

  5. Switching On/Off Most iPad users don’t switch them off daily. Power down if you won’t be using your device for awhile or need to restart to troubleshoot an issue. To power down: • Hold the power button until the red slider appears, swipe it • The screen will go black

  6. Touchscreen One finger: • Tap • Touch & hold • Drag • Swipe • Flick Two fingers: • Pinch • Rotate Multi-finger gestures: • Up/down for task tray • Side to side for app • Pinch

  7. Numbers & Symbols

  8. Task Tray for iOS 7 • Swipe with your finger from the bottom of the screen upwards. The task tray will appear. Lock Screen Rotation Timer / Camera Volume Airplay to access AirServer Screen Brightness

  9. Taking a Screen Capture Want to take a photo of what’s on your screen? • Press the home and power buttons at the same time and a screenshot will be saved to your Photo Library.

  10. Saving an Image Want to save a picture from online? • Press and hold on the image • Select Save Image • It will now be saved in your Photos

  11. What if my iPad is uncooperative? If you have trouble with a specific app, manually close it: • Double click the homebutton • Swipe left to right to find the app you want to close • Touch the app and flick upwards; it will then disappear from the task tray

  12. What if my iPad is uncooperative? If you have trouble with multiple apps, manually restart the iPad.

  13. How do I connect to wifi at home or outside of school? • From the home screen, select the Settings app • Select Wifi • A list of all available networks will show up • Touch the name of the network you’d like to connect to • Secured? Type the password and touch Join • You should now be connected It is your responsibility to troubleshoot wifi connections outside of school. Your teacher(s) and school staff will not be able to assist!

  14. How can I download my own apps? Sorry, you can’t.

  15. How can I add my own music? Oh man, you can’t do that either.

  16. Your turn!

  17. Revisit your iPad Tips & Tricks Self-Assessment. • Partner up. • Go through the list and see what else you can check-off as knowing how to do. • Can’t figure it out? Ask another pair. • Goal – complete at least 50% of the skills.