a simile is a comparison using the word like or as n.
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A simile is a comparison using the word like or as. PowerPoint Presentation
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A simile is a comparison using the word like or as.

A simile is a comparison using the word like or as.

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A simile is a comparison using the word like or as.

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  1. A simile is a comparison using the word like or as. Read the examples below. • blind as a bat slept like a log • thin as a rail as white as snow Write similes to complete the following phrases. as fresh as _________________________ as busy as _________________________ hurt like __________________________ smooth as _________________________ shone like _________________________

  2. Similes Below are two lists of words. Match each word on the left with a word on the right. Use the two words to write a simile. • hair -brick • smile -snow • puppy -waterfall • Car - tree • test -sunshine

  3. Simile • Choose an object from the list below. Then write as many similes as you can about it. Try to come up with at least five. pencil apple plant book key lake 1. ____________________________________________________ 2. ____________________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________________ 4. ____________________________________________________ 5. ____________________________________________________

  4. Read these metaphors and copy down whichever ones speak to you. Then explain what you think it means. • The ocean is a sound of joy, just like opening that first present on Christmas morning. • War is a play, but a play in reality. • Heaven is the opening you make; no one is going to hold the door open for you. 4. Television is ice cream; you want more and more.

  5. Imagine that you are an ant. Describe what life is like. Get as detailed as possible. What do you see? Smell? Eat? Think? Say? Do? What is your day like?

  6. Read the paragraph below. Notice the author’suse of imagery. The ground was rich brown and smelled of growing things. In the round, stone-encircled garden bed, flowers in a dizzying variety of colors waved in the gentle breeze. Lydia trod upon the grassy, verdant pathway, pausing to look at a stand of cheery yellow daylilies. Upon them shiny, red beetles swarmed, from stem to petal. Draw a picture, of what the paragraph describes. Compare your picture with that of a classmate. How do they differ?

  7. Writers use imagery to give readers a sense of ascene. To do this, they use words that give lots of sensory detail, not just facts about the scene. Write three or four sentences to describe the appearance of someone you know. Your description MUST NOT use any of the words below. • tall -pretty • short -fair • fat -dark • thin -blonde • handsome -light • ugly -beautiful

  8. The sentence below gives a straightforward description of an event.Rewrite the sentence five times, using words that appeal to each of thefive senses: hearing, smell, touch, taste, and sight. As the snow fell, she walked down the street with a cup of hot chocolate. hearing: _____________________________________________ smell: _____________________________________________ touch: _____________________________________________ taste: _____________________________________________ sight: _____________________________________________

  9. Analogies • Referee is to football as umpire is to • Baseball is to ball as hockey is to • Baseball is to diamond as basketball is to • Basketball is to sneakers as hockey is to • Baseball is to inning as football is to

  10. Analogies • Bird is to fly as fish is to • Parrot is to feathers as bear is to • Fish is to gills as squirrel is to • Cat is to kitten as cow is to • Canary is to yellow as polar bear is to • Ant is to six legs as spider is to

  11. Analogies • Open is to close as near is to • Soft is to loud as slow is to • Little is to small as large is to • Dishonest is to honest as always is to

  12. Write your own hyperboles using the words below • Example: I’m SO hungry THAT I could eat a horse • Tired • Bored • Thirsty • Happy • Angry

  13. Figurative Language 1.  The sentence, "The spicy spaghetti was simply delicious," contains an example of: A.  Personification B.  Alliteration C.  Personification D.  hyperbole2.  "Her teeth are pearls," is an example of: A.  Metaphor B.  Simile C.  Hyperbole D.  alliteration 3.  Which of the following statements is an example of  personification: A. The house had heat. B. Her eyes are like blue marbles. C. The sun kissed the dew off the grass. D. She's so tired, she could sleep for ten years.

  14. Figurative Language 1. Which of the following statements is an example of hyperbole? A.  The winter was wicked. B.  His hands are baseball mitts. C.  The bird's legs are like sticks. D.  I am so tired, I could sleep for a million years. 2.  Which of the following statements is an example of a simile? A.  Go jump in a lake. B.  She's as sweet as pie. C.  Sally sold seashells by the seashore. D.  The sun smiled upon us. 3. “The cars danced across the icy road," is an example of: A.  Personification B.  Hyperbole C.  Simile D.  Metaphor

  15. Figurative Language 1. "The witch's eyes looked like two brown swamps,” is an example of:A.  Personification B.  HyperboleC.  Simile D.  Alliteration 2. Which of the following statements is a metaphor? A.  Her fingers are like gnarly branches.B.  Sally is as sweet as sugar.C.  I like cheeseD.  His desk is a jungle. 3. Which of the following is an example of alliteration? A. Jasper jumped along the road while eating beef Jerky B. James went to the big country jamboree. C.  Tiffani took ten times as many as she should have.D.  Tammy has a baby raccoon under her back porch.

  16. Figurative Language 1) This type of figurative language is used when words imitate the actual sound(s) made by the action or event. Examples include "clang" and "whoosh." A. Onomatopoeia B. simile C. Metaphor D. personification 2) The plates danced on the shelves during the earthquake is an example of what type of figurative language? A. Simile B. personification C. Alliteration D. metaphor 3) Which of the following is a simile? A. He has the eyes of a hawk. B. She sings like an angel. C. The walls in the house shook D. The man is a rock.

  17. Name that Figurative Language! • 1.  Sally is the sunshine. • 2.  Sally sells seashells by the seashore.  • 3.  I ran a million laps around the track.  • 4.  The rainbow frowned at the rain.    • 5.  John is as fast as lightening.

  18. Figurative Language 1.I was so hungry that I even ate the plate. What type of figurative language is used in this sentence? A) personification B) metaphor C) hyperbole D) simile 2.My father was the sun and the moon to me. What type of figurative language is used in this sentence? A) hyperbole B) simile C) metaphor D) personification 3.The rain seemed like an old friend who had finally found us. What type of figurative language is used in this sentence? A) simile B) metaphor C) personification D) onomatopoeia

  19. Figurative Language 4."Smash", when the cup fell off the table. What type of figurative language is used in this sentence? A) metaphor B) onomatopoeia C) personification D) hyperbole 5.He was a library of information about baseball. What type of figurative language is used in this sentence? A) metaphor B) personification C) simile D) hyperbole 6.The curtain was waving to everyone every time the wind blew through the open window. What type of figurative language is used in this sentence? A) personification B) metaphor C) onomatopoeia D) hyperbole 7.The tree shook its branches angrily. What type of figurative language is being used in this sentence? A) metaphor B) personification C) onomatopoeia D) hyperbole

  20. Figurative Language 1.Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop went the rain drops falling on the roof. What type of figurative language is used? A) onomatopoeia B) metaphor C) personification D) alliteration 2.Her head was so full of ideas that it was ready to burst wide open. What type of figurative language is used in this sentence? A) alliteration B) metaphor C) hyperbole D) personification 3.The baby was like an octopus, grabbing for everything in sight. What type of figurative language is used? A) metaphor B) simile C) hyperbole D) personification

  21. Figurative Language 1.Teddy tiger tried tying teepees together. What type of figurative language is this sentence? A) onomatopoeia B) idiom C) alliteration D) hyperbole 2.Silly sally sang a silly summer song. What type of figurative language is this sentence? A) hyperbole B) onomatopoeia C) alliteration D) idiom 3.I like pancakes so much I could eat a million of them. What type of figurative language is used in this sentence? A) idiom B) hyperbole C) alliteration D) personification

  22. Figurative Language • Which of the following is an example of a hyperbole? • The wind grabbed my arm. • The water is shiny. • I have a million things to do today. • The vibrating washer caused the house to shake. • His legs worked like part of a well-oiled machine. Is an example of • simile • metaphor • hyperbole • personification • "But when the trees bow down their heads..." is an example of • hyperbole • metaphor • personification • simile

  23. Figurative Language • Which of the following characters is NOT an example of personification a. SpongeBob b. Bugs Bunny c. Homer Simpson “Shine like the sun” is an example of a. Hyperbole b. Personification c. Simile d. Metaphor “I was so angry; I thought I might explode” is an example of a. Hyperbole b. Personification c. Simile d. Metaphor

  24. 1. Because hyperactive children are easily distracted, teachers should provide a calm atmosphere. 2. She’s resilient, not weak. 3.  That man is so vociferous. I wish he would be quiet. 4.  England has a monarchy and Queen Elizabeth is its head. 5.  He’s averse to my position. I wish he would support me. A. capacity to recover strength B. opposed C. over active D. rule by royalty E. loud Match the bold words to their definitions

  25. Your friend Ryan has moved to a new country and is learning a new language. Read what he wrote in his diary and see if you can figure out the meaning to the underlined words. I overslept this morning. I had to eat my bowl of poof-poofs very quickly, and I almost missed the tramzam. When I got to school, I realized I had forgotten my zilgping . Luckily, Ms. Jutzi is very zoosh, and told me I could bring it tomorrow. After school, some friends and I played plingming. It’s a new game I am learning. We scored 7 points and they only scored 5 points, so we were the zoiters! Dad says that next weekend we’re going to the fladder . I can’t wait! I love to swim and play in the sand. I hope I don’t get a sunburn though. Well, I better go to bed soon. I don’t want to wake up late again and miss my tramzam!

  26. Choose the best meaning of the underlined word. • Her quiet, timid ways made us guess at her true feelings about the story because she kept her ideas to herself and never spoke in the class. a. shy b. boisterous c. kind d. seriously 2. He was found running down the street after curfew, and his parents were penalized. The ticket read: "Illegally in the streets at 1:00A.M." Now he would have to pay the ticket with his own money. a. crooked b. fined c. delicate d. informed 3. The woman crossed her fingers as her daughter did the cheer. She was hoping that everything would work out for her daughter as she vied for a position on the squad. Her daughter wanted to be a cheerleader. a. shouted b. enclosed c. expanded d. tried

  27. Choose the best meaning of the underlined word. 1.It was difficult to listen to Tommy speak because he droned on and on just like a buzzer that won't stop buzzing.a. ideal b. same tone c. lively d. scared 2. Thomas went to the apex of the mountain, and because it was so high, he had to take a tank of oxygen with him.a. bottom b. breathe c. top d. clear 3. The apparatus that Jill used to connect the fabric was similar to a sewing machine, but this one did all of the work while she just pushed a button.a. idea b. zipper c. instrument d. singular

  28. Choose the best meaning of the underlined word. • The frigid air seemed to suck his breathe away as he attempted to finish his first snowman of the season a. deficient b. sappy c. thick d. cold • The boy knew that the lake was teeming, and overflowing with bass, so he brought a big net to help get the fish in the boat.a. rare b. enclave c. full d. sparse • The lithe girl was perfect for the basketball team because she was all muscle and could play well.a. lean b. cubed c. thick d. eerie

  29. Choose the best meaning of the underlined word. • Tommy was a real avid baseball card collector. He inherited the desire to collect cards because his dad had a collection, too.a. eager b. careless c. apart d. fearful • Her Christmas bills added up. After the holidays, her extravagance was going to take several months to pay off.a. economy b. praise c. external d. overdoing • It was gratifying to see how she acted toward her grandmother because her grandmother was always kind to her.a. pleasing b. nervous c. aggravating d. unclear

  30. Choose the best meaning of the underlined word. • The boy was caught stealing from the store. His larceny caught up with him when the owner showed him a video tape. a. gift b. theft c. lawless d. honor • The ideas she presented to the class were clearly an untested theory because there had never been any research done on it.a. magic b. brutal c. indictment d. belief • His eternal light would shine on the people even after his death.a. temporary b. ethical c. reformed d. endless

  31. Choose the best meaning of the underlined word. • He cut the paper precisely on the line, and it fit perfectly in the grooves of the picture frame.a. exactly b. embellish c. outer d. advance 2. The boy tried to justify his actions to his mother by explaining the reasons why he did what he did.a. depend b. prove c. strict d. concourse 3. She did several backbends in a row to show how limber she was, so that she could be chosen for the squad.a. enthused b. responsive c. likely d. flexible

  32. Choose the best meaning of the underlined word. • He had tried to understand what had happened before it happened, but in retrospect he knows he could never have known the outcome.a. offer b. revolution c. reflection d. uphold • There was so much time that elapsed between the two events that Shelia had enough time to eat lunch.a. detained b. disposed c. elaborate d. passed • Her manners lasped for only a minute when she said something with food in her mouth. Of course, her mother saw her and said something.a. explained b. slipped c. tensed d. allergic

  33. Choose the best meaning of the underlined word. • . He felt very indignant after his father told him that he would not be able to drive his truck until his grades improved.a. angry b. ignored c. deceived d. martyred • The monstrous and massive oak table had to be lifted by four men to move it into the dining room.a. huge b. pile c. peaceful d. essential • The entryway had marble and gold from top to bottom and it appeared opulent and showy. a. example b. optional c. expensive d. opposite

  34. Choose the best meaning of the underlined word. • He tried to have realistic ideas, but his mind wandered and he bagan to dream of making more money than his education would let him.a. sensible b. apparent c. incapable d. lost • The warnings kept appearing on our T.V. screen to stay inside because severe weather was moving into our area.a. eclipse b. jealous c. aspect d. stormy • The smell of her perfume was overpowering, and we had to leave the room so that we could take a deep breath.a. slothful b. too much c. exact d. vertical

  35. Choose the best meaning of the underlined word. • The ghastly face of the dead man floated up from the bottom of the pool and scared us all.a. tamed b. fat c. horrible d. egoistical 2. The generous man handed out 20 dollar bills to the homeless at Christmas time.a. ignorant b. rendered c. overcast d. kind 3. The boy always minded his mother and father's rules, and they loved their obedient child. a. independent b. do what he's told d. quiet

  36. Choose the best meaning of the underlined word. • The smells coming from the kitchen enticed the neighbors to come over and investigate. a. chose b. persuaded c. threatened 2. We knew to look for the rainbow after the ensuing rains.a. rearranging b. oblique c. following d. entity 3. She has devoted her life to making sure that the children of her community were fed and had a chance to go to the doctor.a. met b. given c. recorded d. decreased

  37. Choose the best meaning of the underlined word. • The young man frequently reads new books. Yesterday he checked out five more.a. often b. logically c. delved d. developed • The man grew up on a farm and went to school in the rural community of Marfa.a. suburb b. island c. country d. static • There was much evidence that the burglar had been in their home because chairs were overturned and many items were broken.a. help b. support c. mess d. decision

  38. Write whether the conflict is considered internal or external conflict. • A policeman arresting you. • A fear of the dark. • A desire to keep your friend from getting hurt. • Getting into a fistfight. • Painful memories of your Grandmother’s death.

  39. Character Vs ? • Two three-year olds fight over the same toy dump truck. 2. An 80-year-old wants to attend his grandson’s graduation in another state, but is afraid that his health won’t take the stress of the trip. 3. Two teens on a hike get lost in a blizzard. 4.During World War I, a young man with religious beliefs against fighting is drafted into the army.

  40. What color is Mufasa? Describe. What color is Scar? Describe. 3. Considering the two lions are brothers, explain why you think there is a difference in coloration. Disney cartoons are known for having strong usage of color symbolism.

  41. Name that point of view! • All the same, he's a good man, truthful, kind and remarkable in his sphere," Anna said to herself, going back to her room, as if defending him before someone who was accusing him and saying that it was impossible to love him. • I have never enjoyed dogs. • Bob stared and Anna passionately while Anna stared at Bob with contempt.

  42. Sword Light bulb Moon Owl $ sign Fox Money Cunning War Idea Night Wisdom See if you can match up the six symbolic items in the first box with what they represent in the second.

  43. Symbolism • The sun was shining brightly as the young child skipped through the meadow of daisies. The child’s white sundress blended in almost perfectly with the flowers around her. She continued on skipping only coming to a stop when she heard a strange noise in close proximity. Heart pounding the girl pushed aside a bouquet of flowers and then let out a peal of laughter • What objects were used to symbolize innocence?

  44. Tone 1. “When he realized he was still in one piece, he knew that at the very least he must be completely flat, with his face peering out of his own bottom and his brains leaking out of his ears….” The author’s tone is: • Terrified • Excited • Humorous • Devastated

  45. Tone • “Just look at the Titanic!” The captain said. “Even God can’t sink this ship.” Then, on the first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, boom, it hit and iceberg and sank. And as soon as a daredevil utters the words “piece of cake” before attempting a stunt, he is doomed. “Piece of cake” becomes his “famous last words….” The author’s tone is: • Happy • Depressed • Unbiased • Sarcastic

  46. Point of View • Then he looked behind him and saw that no land was visible. That makes no difference, he thought. I can always come in on the glow from Havana. First Person Third Person Limited Third Person Omniscient • He gripped the dollar bill tightly. “You can’t have it,” he told her. First Person Third Person Limited Third Person Omniscient

  47. Summarizing Right now Jason was playing right field. He really wanted to play third base. Earlier this year, coach had put him in left field and second base in a game, but never at third base. Once in practice, coach let him play third base, but he kept missing ground balls. When he did stop one, he made a bad throw to first base. Maybe if he kept practicing, Jason would be good enough to play third base. That was his dream. The Summary of this passage is:A. Jason really wanted to play third base.B. Jason was the best player on his team.C. Jason had trouble catching ground balls.D. Jason was too lazy to practice.

  48. Identifying the author's purpose. Read the following passages and answer the questions. 4. The day began like any other school day, except she really wanted to run to the bus and get to school. She had a feeling that she was going to be named homecoming queen. a. entertain. b. persuade. c. inform. 5. One of the most harmful creatures on earth is the fly. Flies spread harmful diseases. They pick up germs with their hair, spreading their germs everywhere. a. entertain. b. persuade. c. inform. 6. Wouldn't you like to feel safe in your neighborhood? Please join our watch group. We need volunteers to protect our streets and report suspicious activity. a. entertain. b. persuade. c. inform.

  49. Identifying the author's purpose. Read the following passages and answer the questions. Lisa always looked forward to the fall because of the Harvest Festival. Of course, she loved the rides, but she really enjoyed the shows. This year would be the best. Lisa had a special opportunity to perform in the talent show. a. entertain. b. persuade. c. inform. What do you do with aluminum cans? Do you throw them in the trash, or do you recycle when you are finished with them? At the rate we are filling our landfills, we will not have anywhere else to put our trash. If you recycle, you will help the environment. The next time you throw away your Coke can, think about putting it in a recycling bin. Your effort will help save your community. a. entertain. b. persuade. c. inform. Tomatoes were once considered poisonous. Some brave people finally took a bite of a tomato, and they survived. Now, we use tomatoes in our salads and sandwiches. Do you ever use tomato sauce or ketchup? These products are made of tomatoes. If it weren't for these brave individuals, you might not be able to enjoy ketchup with your french-fries. a. entertain. b. persuade. c. inform.

  50. Jewelry is one way that people show their love for gemstones. One of the most popular gemstones is the blue topaz. Topaz comes in several different colors after it is heat-treated, but it starts off as a clear stone. It is mined from the earth, and it comes out as a plain, clear stone called white topaz. To get the light blue and dark blue colors, the white topaz is "heat- treated." The stones are placed in extreme heat to turn them blue. The light blue stone is called "Swiss blue topaz." The darker, deeper blue stone is called the "London blue topaz." There is another topaz is that is heated and makes a kaleidoscope of colors called "mystic blue topaz." • You can tell that a. the color of the stone determines what the stone will be called.b. the London blue topaz is the most popular gemstone. c. for the topaz to turn colors, it has to be heat-treated.d. the blue topaz is very expensive because it has to be heat-treated. • The author suggests thata. many people have not heard of the blue topaz.b. topaz is found in the mountains of Peru.c. topaz starts off colorless.d. it takes a very long time for a topaz to turn colors.