you are not alone n.
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You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

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You Are Not Alone

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  1. You Are Not Alone NAME Clergy

  2. You Are Not Alone Because We Are Human Beings • Our lives are shaped by our choices • We can learn not to repeat choices with negative outcomes

  3. You Are Not Alone Relationships supply a pool of strength, resources, and wisdom. Being alone can be uncomfortable, nonproductive, and even dangerous.

  4. You Are Not Alone Sometimes our free choices and our community are in conflict • The people we run with can steer us away from our goals.

  5. You Are Not Alone Good things can happen when our goals, choices and the people we are running with are all headed in the same direction.

  6. You Are Not Alone God Promises to be with Us God has promised to be with us through His commitments to our spiritual ancestors; Abraham, Moses, the prophets and finally through His Son, Jesus.

  7. You Are Not Alone We Must Make A Choice • How does one believe in something one does not understand? • How do we know that what we want to believe is a reality?

  8. You Are Not Alone We Must Make A Choice That act of stepping out in trust, when you don’t know is FAITH Discovering that you are accompanied by God as you begin to walk is GRACE

  9. You Are Not Alone Agape (ah – gah – pay) • Unconditional expression of love, prayers and sacrifice • Personal and group prayer on behalf of others, that they might become more open to God’s loving embrace • Written expressions of those prayers

  10. You Are Not Alone • We are loved, God is at work on our behalf, preparing us for a supporting community …preparing a supporting community for us. • YOU ARE NOT ALONE