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Angry Arthur

Angry Arthur

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Angry Arthur

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  1. Angry Arthur Little Pathways Series, Churches Peace Education Programme Written by Elaine Hall Illustrations by Joan McCabe

  2. Arthur came bounding through the door as usual. Thomas was waiting for him. He put his foot out and watched Arthur as he stumbled to the floor. His lunch went everywhere. Thomas smiled.

  3. Arthur wascross. He could feel himself getting hotter and hotter, redder and redder, madder and madder.

  4. He could feel the blood racing through his veins like cars on a racing track. He could hear his heart going Boom, Boom, Boom, BOOM.

  5. Without thinking, Arthur thumped Thomas hard and made him cry. “Arthur!” called the teacher

  6. It was break time. Arthur was playing football with the boys. Thomas took the ball and told Arthur that he couldn’t play.

  7. Arthur kicked Thomas really hard and made him cry. “ARTHUR!” called the teacher.

  8. Arthur wasmad. He could feel himself getting hotter and hotter, redder and redder, madder and madder.

  9. After lunch it was painting time. Arthur painted a rocket ship. Everyone loved it except Thomas. Thomas said it was stupid and splashed some black paint on it.

  10. Arthur was furious. He could feel himself getting hotter and hotter, redder and redder, madder and madder.

  11. Arthur pushed Thomas really hard. Thomas fell off his chair and started to cry. “ARTHUR” called the teacher “Come up here at once!”

  12. “But…..but… look what he did!” cried Arthur, and tears started to roll down his face. The teacher took a deep breath and let it out really slowly.

  13. “Take some time out. Go and sit in the story corner until you cooldown Arthur. Then we’ll have a chat,” the teacher said.

  14. Soon Arthur felt a little calmer. He felt like himself again, so he told the teacher why he was so mad. “Hmmmm…” she said, “That would make me mad too. Next time tell Thomas you don’t like that , then get mad at something else so nobody gets hurt.”

  15. Next day at play time, Thomas leaned across the table and pulled a face at Arthur. Arthur could feel himself getting hotter and hotter, redder andredder, madderandmadder. He looked at the teacher who was looking back at him. He took a deep breath, let it out slowly then he turned to Thomas and said…..

  16. “I DON’T LIKE THAT!”

  17. Thomas looked very surprised.

  18. Next, Arthur took a piece of paper and scribbled his anger all over it. As he calmed, he gave his scribble some eyes, some arms, some little legs and shoes and finally a big, big smile.

  19. Arthur showed the finished drawing to his teacher and told her how Thomas had made him mad. “THOMAS!” called the teacher.

  20. Think about…

  21. Think about… • What made Arthur angry? • What happened to Arthur when he got angry? • Was it okay for Arthur to be angry?

  22. Remember It is ok to feel angry It is ok to talk about feeling angry but….. It is not ok to hurt someone when we feel angry.

  23. Contact any suggestions or ideas