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Native Peoples of South Carolina

The First South Carolinians. Native Peoples of South Carolina. Tribes In South Carolina. Up Country : Keowees, Cherokees, Catawbas, Saludas Midlands : Congarees, Savannahs, Waterees, Waxhaws, Cherawa, Peedees, Santees, Westoes

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Native Peoples of South Carolina

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  1. The First South Carolinians Native PeoplesofSouth Carolina

  2. Tribes In South Carolina • Up Country: Keowees, Cherokees, Catawbas, Saludas • Midlands: Congarees, Savannahs, Waterees, Waxhaws, Cherawa, Peedees, Santees, Westoes • Low Country: Waccamaws, Seewees, Wandos, Etiwans, Kiawahs, Eidstos, Combahees, Yamasees, Wimbees

  3. Location of Tribes in South Carolina Map by SCIway

  4. Homes • Up Country: Rectangular with logs and branches covered with clay • Low Country: Circular with bent poles covered with bark or moss

  5. Government • Council • Representatives • Vote • Chief • Clans

  6. Description • Tall and healthy • Reddish brown skin • Long black hair • Flattened heads – cradle board • Clothing: hides, skins, Spanish moss, cloth

  7. Food • Hunt: Small and large game (animals) • Fish • Grew: Maize, beans, peas, squash • Gather: Fruits, nuts

  8. Culture • Fun: Games, contest • Music: drums, rattles • Pottery: Cooking, containers • Basketry: Containers

  9. Cherokee Alphabet

  10. Artifacts • Things left by the First South Carolinians • Items found include arrowheads, spearheads, pottery • Artifacts have been found all over the state • Museums have artifacts on display

  11. Legends/Place Names • Issaqueena Falls named for Indian girl who fell over the falls • Table Rock said to be where a great Indian chief ate

  12. Credits • All photos are from the Library of Congress and American Memory Collection unless otherwise noted. • Information from At Home In South Carolina.

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