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The Mobile Manager: Increasing Your Personal Productivity PowerPoint Presentation
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The Mobile Manager: Increasing Your Personal Productivity

The Mobile Manager: Increasing Your Personal Productivity

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The Mobile Manager: Increasing Your Personal Productivity

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  1. The Mobile Manager: Increasing Your Personal Productivity

  2. Objectives • Learn how to really manage your email • Learn what sort of things you can do with your PDA • Create an understanding of your software options Increase personal productivity Become a Mobile Manager

  3. How to Manage Mail • Which System? • When to use mail • Managing your Email - 1 • Managing your Email - 2 • HTML or not to HTML? • Attachments • Logging on at home • Viruses

  4. Which System? • Outlook Express • Outlook • Lotus • GroupWise

  5. When to use mail • Mail versus Phone • Mail versus Snail Mail • Mail versus Fax

  6. Managing Your Email - 1 To help you manage your email: Tip # • Set up rules to highlight important emails • Set up rules to forward automatic replies • Organise your emails by date or by sender • Filter emails • Add or remove fields

  7. Managing your Email - 2 Here are more things you can do to manage your emails • Set up folders for subject areas or recipients and direct your emails to them • Flag emails you need to respond to • File attachments where you can find them • Link your mail to appointments & to-dos Tip #

  8. HTML or not to HTML? HTML is a special format in which your mail can be sent. You can send in fancy formats, include photos, art work, colours, special fonts etc. BUT Remember: Some people can only receive ‘plain text’ and will not be able to read your email

  9. Attachments Its easy to attach just about anything to an email Receiving • Do you know the sender? • Are you expecting the email attachment? • What if I can’t open it? Sending • Are the recipients likely to be able to open it? • What is the size of the attachment?

  10. Logging on at home • What do you need? • How

  11. Viruses • Yes, you can pick up a virus just about anywhere • You NEED anti-virus software

  12. Review: How to Manage Mail 5 Principles of good email management – Manage your mail – don’t let it manage you • Email is only one method of communication – sometimes other ways are more appropriate • Set aside time each day to answer your mail – rather than looking at it over the day • Use follow-ups to ensure you don’t miss items • Use folders and categories to organise your mail • Link your mail with appointments, contacts and to-do lists

  13. What Sort of Uses for the PDA? The Usual: • Contacts • Appointments • To Dos • Email • Memos

  14. What Sort of Uses for the PDA? But also you can: • read books on your PDA (if you really want to!) • use it with spreadsheets • and databases • Airline check in desks • Post codes • Clothing size conversion • Morse code and more • and checklists

  15. What Sort of Uses for the PDA? Health specific: • Pharmacopoeia • Articles to read • Specific databases for clinical areas • Specific application for tasks and/or departments

  16. What Sort of Uses for the PDA? It can be really useful when you are traveling: • As many international times as you want • An alarm clock • A currency converter • A specialised itinerary tracker

  17. What Sort of Uses for the PDA? And there are also: • Games – of course! • Your personal training record • Expense tracker • Phone call log ...... and just about anything else you can think of

  18. Which Software? • Word processing • Publishing • Spreadsheet • Database • Presentation • Document (Adobe)

  19. Which Version? • Integration • ‘Share-ability’ • Functionality Is it important to have reasonably current versions of your software? Why?

  20. Tip # Answer an Email at a Later Time If you receive a message in Outlook and you don’t have time to respond to it immediately you can easily add it to your calendar and schedule a block of time when you are able to reply

  21. Answer an Email at a Later Time To turn an email message into an item on your calendar: Drag the message onto the calendar icon. In the new appointment item enter the date and time you want to reply and specify any additional options you want. Click to save and close – Outlook will notify you at the time you chose to respond.

  22. Tip # Add a contact from an email If you receive an email message from a person whom you want to add to your Outlook contact list its easily done.

  23. Add a contact from an email From the open email message that has the name of the person you want to add to your contacts list. In the From box, right click the name the name you want to make into a contact and then click “add to contacts” on the shortcut menu. This creates a new contact with the person’s new name and email address already filled in. You can also add any additional information such as phone or fax number or category and then save it.

  24. Tip # Changing Fonts and Font Colours in Outlook Can I set up rules that allow me to quickly identify from various associates to mail folders across Outlook?

  25. The mobile manager Impact on lifestyle