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  2. ADVENTURE TOUR The tour programme of Extreme Adventure is one of our most interesting and fascinating tours of all. It encapsulates all elements in one tour programme. This trip is mainly falls within the western part of Bhutan

  3. BIKING/CYCLING TOUR Our Biking Tour is an exciting tour programme which you will enjoy thoroughly. This is a thirteen day tour which starts from Para and ends in Bum hang.

  4. CULTURAL TOURS Bhutan is a country which is cradled in the Himalayas and wedged between two of the most populous countries of the world India and China. For years the country of Bhutan relied on its geographical isolation to preserve its unique cultural identity.

  5. FARM STAY TOUR Transfer to Thimphu, the modern capital of Bhutan. Even today the city retains its ethnic architectural style and is the only capital in the world with no traffic lights. Yet unlike other capital cities in the world, Thimphu remains essentially pastoral in character and changes its demeanour with the seasons. 

  6. BHUTAN FESTIVAL TOURS One of the most amazing cultural event of the dragon kingdom extends from the western to eastern borderlands of Arunachal Pradesh, with in proper scrutiny of Paro, 

  7. MEDITATION TOUR Dharma can be described as a healthy, harmonious and holistic way of life. It is a life that emphasizes on morality. Dharma teaches us how to live peacefully and harmoniously from within and how to generate peace and harmony in our surroundings. In short, it is an art of living. Dharma is not Buddhism

  8. RESPONSIBLE TOUR After arrival at Paro International Airport, You will be welcomed by the representative of Bhutan Mahayana Tours in a traditional way. Depending upon time of your arrival, you will be driven to the great Dzong of Paro to seek blessings and get the temple strings.

  9. Contact Us Bhutan Mahayana Tours Thimphu Bhutan Motithnag Thori Lam Post Box Number: 1245 Call: 00975-17703511 Email :info@bhutanmahayanatours.comWeb site:

  10. Follow us Email : Phone No: +00975-17703511 Email : Phone No: +00975-17703511