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  1. By: Anthony Electronics

  2. Table of Contents • Introduction Chapter 1: What are ElectronicsChapter2: Chapter 2: Texting • Chapter 3: Calling • Chapter 4: Space • Chapter 5: Apple Devices • Chapter 6: Screenshots • About the Author • Glossary • Credits

  3. Introduction As I look out the window and watch the rain fall, I think to myself, What is the best thing to do? I almost have the same answer on other rainy days. I’ll play with technology! I think technology is a great way to spend time. A lot of people like technology. I think technology is important on Earth.

  4. Chapter 1: What is Technology? Technology is Lots of people like technology. Technology can very important at times. Technology can be extremely expensive. There are safe things on technology, but there are also dangerous and unsafe things on technology. When you play with technology, you have to be careful.

  5. Chapter 2: Texting There are a few social things on technology. One of the social things is texting. Texting is basically talking to some body without talking. Instead of talking, you type. You can text someone anywhere in the world. Texting can be very fun.

  6. Chapter 3: Calling Calling is another fun social thing. Calling is a way to talk to somebody anywhere in the world. You can only call on phones. You can call on different electronics, but you need a certain app. There are different apps but you need one of them. There is a very simple order to call. The order is, First, you get a phone number from a tech place like Microsoft. Then you ask someone to call you and tell them your phone number. Then you wait until they call you. Then you give your phone number to someone else.

  7. Chapter 4: Space There are tiny microscopic things that hold room in electronics. All those little things end in bit. The biggest bite is called a terabits. You can usually find terabits in labs where scientists work. The most popular bit is a gigabit. Computer Consultants put gigabits in handheld electronics and computers. The more gigabits the electronic has programmed, the more money you have to pay.

  8. Chapter 5: Apple Devices There are many different brands of electronics. The most popular brand is Apple. Tons of people have Apple devices. Almost all Apple devices start with I. Apple devices come in many different sizes.

  9. Chapter 6: Screenshots I think that screenshots are very cool. You can take screenshots anywhere. If you making a video of something on an electronic and you want it to be like a slideshow, I would prefer screenshots. Screenshots are easy on apple devices. All you need to do is press the home button and the power button at the same time. On a dell, you press print screen and then hit start. Then you go to all programs. Then you press accessories. Then you hit paint and hit the square in dots.

  10. About the Author Anthony is avid for technology. He loves to spend time exploring and playing with technology. Anthony loves playing baseball and other sports for fun. His favorite book is The Cricket in Times Square. Anthony is in third grade a Birmingham Covington School (BCS).

  11. Glossary • Electronic – A device made of technology. • Social – A way to communicate with somebody. • Brand – An item made by a certain company. • Microscopic – A tiny thing that the eye can’t see. • Apple – a kind of electronic.

  12. Credits • • Clip Art PowerPoint • • • • • • • • • • • • • •