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CALL Reflections

CALL Reflections

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CALL Reflections

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  1. CALL Reflections Southern New Hampshire University MS-TEFL EFL 537CALL Instructor Lyra Riabov Donna W. Papanikolau 03-04-04

  2. Theoretical Implications of CALL • Technology has changed our global economy and the manner in which we teach English, the computer is a stimulus, a tutor and the tool for language teaching in this age. • The use of computers has had three major shifts in paradigms as a result of social and economic changes.

  3. Theoretical Implications • From the behavoristic CALL which is the use of the mainframe for drills • To communicative CALL which is the use of the PC for not only drills but listening as well • To the integrative CALL which is the use of the computer for multimedia networking purposes.

  4. Theoretical Implications • The use of the computer in integrated CALL allows the student many opportunities to practice and learn English. • This has created a framework for Electronic Literacy. • This new Litereacy accommodates many different learning styles and supports an autonomous learning environment.

  5. Theoretical Implications • In this environment students use the computer to master not only many different language skills but computer skills as well. • Language skills are fostered through work using the Internet for communication, construction and research.

  6. Implications for the Classroom • The teacher must understand how to implement and incorporate this into curriculum. • Once this is achieved the computer becomes a way to find and use authentic material that is meaningful and purposeful to the student.

  7. Implications for My Classroom • CALL has shown me a new way to teach. • I can use the internet to develop schema and background knowledge. • I can use the internet for reading activities that foster skimming and scanning, teach critical analysis skills, inference, synthesis, connecting and expanding strategies.

  8. Implications for my Classroom • I can use the computer to teach writing through brainstorming, drafting, revising and editing. • This includes spelling, grammar, punctuation, and paragraphing. • I can teach listening through many diverse sites that offer traditional activities to web sites that have an audio component.

  9. Implications for My Classroom • All of these activities encourage and promote speaking for accuracy and fluency. • They are also cooperative and collaborative in nature. • CALL gives my students another way to navigate their world.

  10. Outcome • I have created a web site to use for and with my class. It includes • Home Page • EFL 537 CALL Portfolio • ESL/EFL Resources • TEFL Portfolio • My World

  11. Outcome • I learned how to use: • Power Point • Front Page • I have enhanced my skills in: • MS Word • MS Office • Plus learning how to attatch documents, participate in on line discussions

  12. Conclusion • Do I know everything associated with these functions of the computer and Internet? • No, but now I know where and how to find the answers • It has given me a basis to explore without fear but with confidence. • It is an invaluable tool that has enhanced my teaching capabilities and repertoire.