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Synergizing Search & Email with Branded Social Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Synergizing Search & Email with Branded Social Media

Synergizing Search & Email with Branded Social Media

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Synergizing Search & Email with Branded Social Media

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  1. Synergizing Search & Email with Branded Social Media Hilary Weber, Director Internet Marketing Services

  2. 30-Second Overview of Kaiser Permanente • Largest integrated healthcare organization in United States • Currently have 8.7 million members across the country • Offer both health coverage and health care facilities/clinicians • Largest active electronic medical record system on the planet • Kaiser Permanente, known for technology and innovation, is a leader in online marketing (according to our vendor partners) Brand Positioning: Health Advocacy – proactively helping people to be as healthy as they can be. In other words, we help people to

  3. Email, started in 2001, is: primarily used for customer retention: members; brokers; employers Just beginning to be used for “lead nurturing” of prospective members Paid search and paid inclusion, started in 2004, are primarily used for lead generation; we succeed with both search and display How Email & Search are Used at Kaiser Permanente

  4. The foundation of a brand marketing strategy that includes social media starts with the basics of any good integrated marketing plan: Goals & Objectives Strategy Tactics Metrics: What will wild success look like? My Take: Social Media (e.g. corporate blogs) are cool and effective – but they are simply marketing/communications tactics just like Search and Email when it comes to Brand – treat them as such in the integrated mix of components Think “Classic Best Practices” for Branded Social Media Strategy

  5. Kaiser Permanente’s physicians embody the brand – Dr. Preston Maring is a great example. Strategy: Create a channel for a KP doctor to write about an appealing and unique-to-KP topic to increase engagement & awareness. Case Study Objective: Increase Brand Awareness & Engagement

  6. Origins of Farmers’ Market Blog • Started as an internal “homegrown” enewsletter… • Then a branded external weekly enewsletter for members… • Natural step to change format to a blog • The challenge: how do we retain & engage current readers (mostly members) and gain new ones (hopefully adding prospects?) Father of Our Farmers’ Markets

  7. “Thrive” Brand Awareness Ad Campaign message – “Spread Health”: Personal Health Environmental Health/Sustainability Viral “Spreading of Health” with both members & community Campaign launched August 4, 2008 (timed with Olympics) Major offline/online ad buy, centered around TV ads, drives to interactive mini-site – Opportunity: Showcase the Blog within 2008 Ad Campaign Mini-site

  8. Mini-site for 2008 Brand Campaign

  9. Kaiser Permanente’s First Blog: • For Ad Campaign: • Added recipe contest to blog • Added polling functionality to blog • Also launched our 1stwidget (Fitness Calculator) which is accessible from

  10. Since most of the subscribers of the enewsletter were members, we used a series of targeted emails, and added links within the original branded Farmers’ Market enewsletter (reach: 11,000), as well as in our main Health enewsletter, to promote the blog (reach: about 1.5 million) Result? Huge spikes in visits to the blog; increases in RSS feed sign-ups Promotional Plan for Transition of Enewsletter-to-Blog: Email

  11. To optimize the exposure of the new blog (especially to prospective members and press) we added Search to the mix, using various keywords sets: healthy recipes, farmers’ markets, etc. Result? Slow yet steady growth of blog traffic and RSS feed sign-ups over time, with noticeable movement during pre-holiday time (seasonal increase in searches for recipes) Promotional Plan for Transition of Enewsletter-to-Blog: Search

  12. Graph of Results for Blog Traffic • Over 200,000 unique visits in 2008 • Just under 17,000 monthly (average) unique visits • Compared to the old enewsletter, we consider the blog to be a great success, with even more potential Brand opportunities for the future

  13. Social media (blogs especially), are a cost-effectiveway to enhance brand awareness & engagement as well as traffic and search rankings Adding Email and Search to the promotional mix helps to ensure that your blog has “lift-off” – Email is the 100-Yead Dash, while Search is the Marathon, and they work very well in tandem Summary of Synergizing Email & Search with Social Media

  14. Hilary Weber, Director, Internet Marketing Services Kaiser Permanente Thank You!