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Fibre Optic Spectrometer PowerPoint Presentation
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Fibre Optic Spectrometer

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Fibre Optic Spectrometer

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Fibre Optic Spectrometer

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  1. Optical Probe Optical probes are the new and better solution for your optical probe needs. Optical fiber probes offer a compact and convenient solution for many measurements of absorbance, color, reflection, and fluorescence in a wide variety of sample media. We are a new webshop from Anglia Instruments Ltd and launched to offer customers experienced in using fibre optic spectroscopy systems the opportunity to purchase standard fibre optic spectroscopy products online, simply, and to make large savings as a result. https://www.spectroscopyshop.com

  2. Fiber Optic Spectrometer We provide a different type of fiber optic products such as SMA fiber optic cable, uv/vis spectrometer, vis fiber optic spectrometers, uv fiber optic spectrometers, high sensitivity spectrometer, avaspec 2048 spectrometer, avaspec spectrometer, vis spectrometer, uv spectrometer etc.

  3. Fiber Optic Light Sources The adjustable focus on the AvaLight-HAL-Mini helps you getting the most out of your light source - it makes sure all possible power is transmitted through your optical fibre. Bulb replacement is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. The AvaLight-HAL-S-Mini variant features an internal TTL-shutter, controllable from your AvaSpec spectrometer. This gives you the ability to use the auto-save dark option in AvaSoft spectroscopy software.

  4. Fibre Optic Attenuator This device is an iris attenuator which controls light throughput to avoid detector saturation. Its connects inbetween two SMA terminated fibre optic cables and the light source and consists of two UV/VIS/NIR collimating lenses mounted on either side of the iris. The attenuation can be set from 0-100% and can be fixed with a set screw.

  5. Contact Us Email Id - sales@angliainst.co.uk Website: https://www.spectroscopyshop.com Thank You