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Recover iPhone/iPad Photos after Factory Reset PowerPoint Presentation
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Recover iPhone/iPad Photos after Factory Reset

Recover iPhone/iPad Photos after Factory Reset

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Recover iPhone/iPad Photos after Factory Reset

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  1. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Recover Recover iPhone/iPad iPhone/iPad Photos Photos after after Factory Factory Reset Reset Many users now find it necessary to perform a factory reset so that the dysfunction problems on their iOS device can be solved, such as some iOS upgrade errors, software download problems. As factory reset becomes more common, more users are troubled by data loss after factory reset. Sometimes things just happen when we don't have a backup of the iPhone/iPad before performing a factory reset or we just perform a reset to completely remove malware. Instead of restoring from a whole backup file, can we just recover some important files, such as precious photos, after factory reset? Part Part 1: 1: Introduction Introduction to to Factory Factory Reset Reset and and How How it it Works Works A factory reset will delete all your personal information and media files on iPhone/iPad and reset the device to its original settings. By all personal information and files, it means that pictures, music, notes, apps you installed and specific app data will all be removed. However, reset does not remove the iOS software most recently installed on the iPhone since iOS is necessary to run the iPhone. The process to restoring iPhone/iPad to factory settings is quite simple. Perform a Reset on iPhone/iPad: Go to "Settings"> "General." Find the "Reset" option where there is a list of different reset operations. To perform a complete reset, choose "Erase All Content and Settings," and then tap "Erase iPhone." Perform a Reset Using iTunes: Connect iPhone/iPad to iTunes on computer; then select "Summary" from the left hand column. Choose "Restore iPhone," your iPhone will then start to delete all your downloading apps, data and settings. FonePaw Technology Limited 1

  2. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery After your iPhone/iPad is reset to factory settings, you usually have to restore from an iCloud or iTunes backup to get back your photos, music, etc. However, if you don't have a backup or just want to setup as a brand new device. Then you can try the following methods to recover your iPhone/iPad photos. Part Part 2: 2: Recover Recover Photos Photos from from iPhone/iPad iPhone/iPad FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is professional data recovery program that is capable of detecting and recovering deleted photos directly from iOS device, or from iTunes/iCloud backup. Therefore, if you find yourself without any backup of your iPhone/iPad photos after factory resetting, you can recover the deleted photos from your iPhone/iPad with this software. So get started now to recover your iPhone/iPad photos after factory reset with this easy-to-use software. STEP 1 Launch the FonePaw program on your computer and connect your iPhone/iPad to computer with USB cable. Wait until your device appears and click "Start Scan." The program will then scan the data of your iOS device. The scanning process is usually very fast, if not, it is probably because there are too many files on your iPhone/iPad. FonePaw Technology Limited 2

  3. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery STEP 2 After the scanning comes to an end, preview pictures on the device by choosing "Camera Roll", "Photo Library", "Photo Stream" or "App Photos". Camera Roll folder stores photos taken by the camera of iPhone/iPad; Photo Library folder is for photos on iCloud; Photo Stream folder has pictures synced to Photo Stream; and pictures from other apps of your iPhone/iPad are saved on App Photos folder. STEP 3 Toggle on "Only display the deleted items" to help you find the deleted photos more easily. You can click the photos to preview them. Tick the photos you want to recover, and click "Recover" Part 3: Recover Photos from iTunes/iCloud Backup FonePaw Technology Limited 3

  4. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery If you have backup file but don't want to restore the whole backup after factory reset, then the FonePaw is also perfect tool for you to get back only the chosen files, such as extracting only photo files from your iCloud/iTunes backup Method 1 Using iTunes Backup to Recover Photos STEP 1 Open the FonePaw program, choose "Recover from iTunes Backup files." Then select the latest backup files from the list, and click "Start Scan." STEP 2 After scanning, all files on the iTunes backup are displayed. Again, preview photos from the four folders: "Camera Roll", "Photo Library", "Photo Stream" or "App Photos". Choose the photos you want to get back, and click "Recover”. FonePaw Technology Limited 4

  5. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Tip: To use iTunes backup files, you need to have iTunes installed on your computer. Moreover, you have backed up your iPhone or iPad with iTunes on this computer. If you don't have any iTunes backup file on the computer, try using iCloud backup following the below instruction. Method 2 Using iCloud Backup to Recover Photos STEP 1 On FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery, choose "Recover from iTunes Backup files." You will need to sign in with Apple ID and password. STEP 2 After signing in, you will find a list of backup file, choose the latest one, and click "Download". You will then be able to choose only photo files to download. Tick "Camera Roll", "Photo Library", "Photo Stream" or "App Photos",and click Next. FonePaw Technology Limited 5

  6. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery STEP 3 You can click the photos to preview. Or you can choose the photos by checking the blank beside the names of the photos. Then press on "Recover." FonePaw Technology Limited 6

  7. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery The photos will be recovered to the folder you choose on computer. Other than photos, if you want videos, messages, contacts back to your iPhone/iPad after factory backup, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery will be there for you. FonePaw Technology Limited 7