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Publish/Subscribe option for RPE PowerPoint Presentation
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Publish/Subscribe option for RPE

Publish/Subscribe option for RPE

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Publish/Subscribe option for RPE

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  1. Publish/Subscribe option for RPE Brief Profile Proposal for 2012/13 presented to the QRPH Planning Committee October 19, 2012

  2. The Problem • The RPE and CRPC profiles describe ways to communicate clinical research study information between research systems and EMR systems. • The starting point of sharing this information is making the EHR system aware of the existence of a new study • The current profiles only allow for this information to be obtained by a specific query from the EMR system to the research system, and there is no automated mechanism for the EMR system to know that a new study may be available. • This proposal introduces the concept of publish/subscribe for allowing the information for new studies to be “pushed” from the research system to the EMR system.

  3. Use Case • A new clinical study is approved by the relevant authorities, and the study definition is loaded in the clinical research system. The information about the study needs to be disseminated among EMR systems where potential subjects may be found. Currently, the initial information is likely done via phone calls, or mail, after which an EMR system may query the research system for the study definition. This proposal expects that the clinical research system will have a publish/subscribe capability, where the EMR systems of various organizations will be able to subscribe for specific topics for clinical research, and new studies will be sent to the EMR systems when a match to the corresponding topic is found.

  4. Proposed Standards & Systems • The ITI DSUB supplement contains two parts – a pub/sub specification for the document sharing using XDS, and a general pub/sub methodology for implementing pub/sub in any web services based profile • HL7 may have a simple push mechanism for sending a study definition, and the existing HL7 V3 query mechanisms contain simple publish/subscribe options, which can be also investigated

  5. Discussion • A medium level of effort is expected for completing this supplement • Vassil Peytchev ( will be the editor for the supplement. • Questions?