why everybody cares about php online classified n.
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Why Everybody Cares About Php Online Classified Script? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Everybody Cares About Php Online Classified Script?

Why Everybody Cares About Php Online Classified Script?

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Why Everybody Cares About Php Online Classified Script?

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  1. Why Everybody Cares About Php Online Classified Script? Php Classifieds Script is designed to suit the expectations of the evolving internet audience with various updated and remodeled features to suit the future online trends foreseen by us. And all these features which constitute a professional web design have been rendered with customizable making it easy for the admin to change the look and feel of the site matching his ideas, at the same time suiting the latest trends. A small add-on from Google that allows users to easily find nearby amenities like hotels, hospitals, cafes etc on the Google Maps. A much needed feature that allows your users to filter ads on your site based on countries, regions and cities saving them a lot of time. Category managers in Online Classifieds Script allows you to manage categories, build seo-friendly urls, make subcategories inherit fields from other categories etc. The design is very simple and lightweight. Online Classifieds Script was designed to allow website owners to create a classified ad marketplace on their website with the same ease of use as Craigslist Our Online Classifieds script is boosted with responsive design which makes it accessible through different devices and serves the site admin with the purpose of improving the site visibility and accessibility without much efforts and simultaneously saving numerous bucks.

  2. In addition to this the seo and social media optimization features can be viral in taking the site to a humongous crowd which could amount to high returns for the admin as well as the users. Our classifieds Script features is the ideal backbone for any classified website. It incorporates functions featured on the most popular online catalogs or classified websites. However, you can save a lot of time and resources not having to develop those functions. Instead, you can concentrate on those unique features that would make you famous. Reason That Everybody Cares About Php Online Classified Script: Extremely flexible Online Classifieds Script has the ability to manage ad types, categories, fields, registration and submit forms for ads, currency, location and languages makes Flynax an extremely flexible classifieds script. Listings Carousel The carousel allows you to add a compact box with a sliding effect that can show featured, random, recently added and top rated ads. Category Filter Using slider and range selectors you can easily create a filter for ads of a listing type or a category based on the most important criteria.

  3. Booking With the booking option your users will be able to show availability of their ads on a calendar and set rate ranges for a particular time period. Similar Ads A box on listing details that shows similar ads based criteria specified for every category through a separate form from the admin panel. Social Media Connect Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in etc users can easily create accounts on your site using their Facebook details without going through registration. For more visit: