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Bucket List!

Bucket List!

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Bucket List!

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  1. Bucket List! Things I want to do before I die! By: Krista Froome

  2. 1. Dissect a shark! • I would like to dissect a from, the Pacific Ocean. Like Florida for example. Idealistic

  3. 2. Climb Mt. Everest • It is my dream to be able to going hiking up Mt. Everest. Realistic

  4. 3.Go to Antarctic and study adelie penguins! • Penguins are one of my favorite animals and this type of penguin is the one I like the most. Realistic

  5. 4.Go To Africa! • I would love to go to Africa and get the experience of helping building schools, orphanages or even helping medically. Realistic

  6. 5. Take the European hike from France to Spain! • I would love to take the route that starts in France and ends in Spain hiking trail. I think it would be a great experience! Realistic

  7. 6. Adopt a baby from another country! • I would like to adopt a baby or child from another country like Russia, Germany, or maybe China. There are lots of kids who need homes and I would love to make one of them my own son or daughter. Realistic

  8. 7.Visit Ireland! • I would love to travel to Ireland. I think Ireland would be the most beautiful place to visit the city I would like to visit the most is Dublin. Realistic

  9. 8. Learn how to speak Finnish! • I would love to learn to speak Finnish because when I go to Finland I would like to be able to communicate with people easier. Realistic

  10. 9. Walk across a bed of coals! • Walking across of bed of coals could be a rather interesting experience. Some people do it for spiritual beliefs. I’m always open to trying new things! Idealistic

  11. 10. Go rock climbing • I have loved rock climbing since my first time trying it. I think it would be the most awesome experience to go real rock climbing at the outdoors. Realistic