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Name: Dr. Anvik Office: Hebler 214-D PowerPoint Presentation
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Name: Dr. Anvik Office: Hebler 214-D

Name: Dr. Anvik Office: Hebler 214-D

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Name: Dr. Anvik Office: Hebler 214-D

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  1. Name: Dr. Anvik Office: Hebler 214-D Phone number: 963-2901 CWU page: Syllabus:

  2. Font is too small — Make sure that your document is legible. A recommended font size is 11 or 12. The only fonts that should be used are universal fonts - the ones that open the same on PCs and Macs of all ages. These are: Times Roman Arial Century MS Sans Serif Book Antiqua Century Gothic Calibri There are some other universal ones, but these are the only ones that are also easy to read. Just remember that Calibri is slightly larger font than Times New Roman. So, while a perfect body text size for TNR is 11, the perfect size for Calibri is 10.5. Your name might be 15, all caps, bold; your contact information could then be 12, small caps, bold; the section headings might be 12, all caps, bold; and etc. If I can’t read it even with my reading glasses,… you are OUT

  3. Leaving out dates — Include dates on your résumé. Leaving them out might seem like you are trying to hide certain information. Good here - … bad in your Resume! 1. Apply dates to every position... 2. Do not use dates to describe accomplishments or projects 3. How to render dates like a computer (“Winter of 2008” – wrong, “12/2008” – right)

  4. Spelling mistakes— Use the spell-check tool, but remember that the best proofreader is another set of eyes. Be sure that there are no spelling errors, poor word choice, or misuse of language… These mistakes are not acceptable as it might appear that you are negligent with your work.

  5. Repetitive words— Do not use the same verb to describe your work experience. Use a variety of action verbs to prove your transferable and diverse skills. Utilizing different action verbs can highlight the wide range of skills and knowledge that you possess.

  6. Inconsistent layout of résumé— Present your résumé in a consistent layout. Set your margins evenly (right and left sides 1" margins; top and bottom). Have an even amount of space between each heading. Be consistent with your verbiage. For example, if you are describing your current job, use all verbs in the present tense. Pay attention to details!

  7. Using someone else's words— It can be obvious that what is written is not in your own words when you do not speak like you write. It is important to prepare your résumé in your own words.

  8. Just having one version — Résumés need to be "fluid." The critical part is to tailor your résumé content to the job for which you are applying. You may have several different versions depending on the jobs you are targeting: • Change the order of things • Emphasize different things • State different objectives…

  9. Cluttered information — Filter out information that might seem irrelevant to the position. Be wise in choosing certain facts to be included on your final résumé. Use less but more encompassing words.

  10. Unprofessional email address— Use an email address that is professional. Your professionalism has to come through in your résumé.

  11. Including personal information — Personal information, like age, gender, and head shot should not be included on your résumé (unless you are a performing art student).

  12. Using abbreviations or contractions — Remember your résumé is a formal document, be sure to omit abbreviations or contractions in your words or sentences.

  13. No cover letter — A cover letter should be sent out with every résumé. The cover letter is your sales document. It will augment your résumé. This will allow you your to tailor your application even further…

  14. Do not try to save money on paper (if submitting by paper) … Paper needs to look and feel good, but professional!