capital letters n.
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Capital Letters

Capital Letters

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Capital Letters

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  1. Capital Letters • S1 Literacy

  2. Learning Intentions • I understand when to use a capital letter. • I can use capital letters correctly in my writing.

  3. Think back... • What is a proper noun? • Write down an example of a proper noun in your jotter. Look at the proper nouns your group has written. Imagine you saw them in a piece of writing. What would they all have in common?

  4. Let’s find out where capitals go (oh) In your group, on your show me board, write down where capital letters are needed. HINT: you should have THREE things written down.

  5. Let’s find out where capitals go (oh) You need to use a capital when: • You use the pronounI. • You start a sentence. • You use a proper noun. This means when: • You use somebody’s name. (This could also be the name of a product or company.) • You write down a place, like a town or country. Did you remember them all?

  6. Where should the capitals go? TEST YOURSELF! i always like to watch strictly come dancing on a saturday night. my sister, iona, is away visiting pals in glasgow. yesterday I saw miss seacord in tesco and she said to me, “what are you doing here?” i can’t wait for my holidays in july. we are going to go to new york with my american cousins.

  7. Game Time Play your caps right! •

  8. HOMEWORK Capitalise on the opportunity to practice using capital letters! Read the extract from Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan. The capital letters are missing - where should they go? You can submit this task on Show My Homework - this means you can copy and paste the passage to save you re-writing it!