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Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry. By Jeremy Dolphin. What is Green Chemistry?. Green chemistry is a branch of chemistry that focuses on more environmentally safe production and use of chemicals and reactions. . The twelve principles of green chemistry.

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Green Chemistry

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  1. Green Chemistry By Jeremy Dolphin

  2. What is Green Chemistry? • Green chemistry is a branch of chemistry that focuses on more environmentally safe production and use of chemicals and reactions.

  3. The twelve principles of green chemistry • 1.Prevent Waste: Reduce the amount of chemical waste whenever possible. • 2.Design safer chemicals: Design chemicals that wont hurt people or the environment. • 3.Find safer ways to make synthetic chemicals: Use more environmentally friendly ways to make synthetic products. • 4.Maximise Atom Economy: try to leave no left over chemicals that cold hurt the planet.5.Use Safer solvents: Use solvents that are more earth and people friendly. • 6 Use renewable reactants: Try to use renewable chemicals.

  4. The twelve principles • 7.Maximize energy efficiency: try to use all of the energy from the reaction Eg heat and electricity. • 8.Avoid chemical derivations: don’t change molecules during reactions and/or with chemicals. • 9.Use catalysts when possible: use things to start the reaction but not to be destroyed in the process. • 10.Design biodegradable products. Make products that degrade quickly and are safe for the environment. • 11.Real time analysis to stop pollution: Analysis during the reaction if it is polluting to much and try to avoid it. • 12.Minimise potential arguments: avoid and possible environmental accidents and/or human accidents

  5. Case study - DOW

  6. How the Dow uses green chemistry an overview Dow was one of the first companies to use HPPO technology which uses reduces infrastructure which leaves a smaller physical footprint this means that they are polluting the environment which is one of the twelve principles of green chemistry. It also means that they require less natural resources.

  7. How Dow uses Green Chemistry • Dow uses Ion exchange Technology which gives a clean competitive alternative to existing industry processes. • Dow makes Biofuels from natural acids. • Dow creates technology that allows other companies to create electricity more efficiently.

  8. The Benifits • The benefits of Dows work in green chemistry include a presidential green chemistry award. • For the environment, with the HPPO technology they are reducing the amount of resources that is required to make products.

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