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Poise Technology

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Poise Technology

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Poise Technology

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  1. Poise Technology VoIP Products line & Services Guide 2011 Version: NORMAL-02-03-2011

  2. About “Poise Technology” • Founded in 2005 • Focus on VoIP Technology • Develop IP-PBX software based on Asterisk • Distribute VoIP Equipment • Currently we do provided full range of VoIP device to Thailand market • IP-PHONE, Video Phone, WiFi Phone, Wireless Phone, ATA, IAD, Gateway, GSM-Gateway, USB Phone, Telephony Card, VoIP Software, IP-PBX, Fax Server, etc.

  3. About “Poise Technology” • World Class brand distributor • SNOM, Germany Based Highend IP-Phone. • Yealink, China Based, Enterprise Grade IP-Phone. • Moimstone, Korean Based, Field Proven IP-Phone. • Sangoma,Cannada Based, Higest performance, reliability Telephony Card. • Xorcom, Israel Asterisk’ Telephony device Specialist Company. • Yeastar, Cost Effective VoIP device. • Euro Telecom, E-COM WiFi phone. • Mobigater,bulgaria, GSM-USB device for Asterisk, Skype

  4. About “Poise Technology” • World Class brand distributor • Octware, Software-Based Echo Cancellation for asterisk • Soundwin, Cost Effective VoIP Gateway • Etc.

  5. About “Poise Technology” • Our Services • VoIP system Consulting and Installation services. • Features rich IP-PBX system • Voice Communication between sites • Small Call-Center • Voice Conference System • Voice Application Server • Video Call • Etc.

  6. What is VoIP Technology? • One of the IP Technology. • Deliver Voice and Multimedia session over IP Network. • H.323, SIP, MGCP, IAX2, SCCP, etc. • License Control by NTC (The National Telecommunications Commission) • http://www.ntc.or.th/license/index.php?show=all • > 40 Operator in Thailand

  7. Benefit of PLEXTEL IP-PBX • Save Cost • Simple Migration path, work with any configuration • NO license fee for individual Features • More Features • Expandable Application • More Reporting • Support future need application, CTI, Voice Record, Fax, etc. • It simply work • Suitable with Thailand Phone system • Flexibility, flexible design and configuration • Fully Test and Widely use • Future proven technology

  8. Example Configuration (PBX) • New Installation, new branch • Customer with multiple branches • Customer who need features • Customer who call abroad • Expanding existing PABX • Add VoIP capability to existing PABX • Add Features to existing PABX

  9. Features (howto) • Improve user Productivity • Reduce maintenance Cost &Improve Stability • Reduce Call Cost • More Reporting • More Calls features

  10. Improve user Productivity • User-Based virtual FAX machine (beta). • One Touch Call Recording. • User-Based message center, Check Voicemail, Call Recording, CDR and FAX on web-interface. • Help Menu on web-interface. • Corporate Phonebook with click-to-dial features. • Personal Phonebook, can be import from Microsoft outlook.

  11. Improve user Productivity • Screen popup, popup web-based CRM • Screen popup, popup Microsoft outlook contact. • Dial from software. • Integrated free version of CRM. • Support easy setting BLF on the phone to check status of other phones.

  12. Reduce maintenance Cost &Improve Stability • Monitoring make easy. • Phone Auto provisioning, greatly reduce time and effort to install new phone on the system. • Record Voice-Prompt via simple web-interface. • Schedule backup of voice-record. • Support the Integration with APC UPS hardware for more reliable power management.

  13. Reduce maintenance Cost &Improve Stability • Support High Availability mode, Active/Standby. • Summary log.

  14. Reduce Call Cost • Integration with VoIP operator with ease. • Support both SIP account and SIP trunk. • Support virtual DID number on SIP operator. • Support voice-trunking line to connect calls between sites which reduce data traffic more than 50% of traditional SIP protocol. • Support free VoIP calls over internet/3G network. • Support GSM trunking.

  15. More Reporting • Phone real-time reporting. • Filtering features on CDR • Real-time Queue and Agent report • Real-time Conference control panel

  16. More Calls features • Voice Conference with control center. • Customer Satisfaction Report. • Queue, call center features. • Configurable, Call Monitoring, Whisper mode. • More IVR features, Ex. database connector. • Database Connector, allow more application on the system • Caller ID routing for VIP number.

  17. PLEXTEL IP-PBX series 40/8 80/20 160/40 320/80 640/160 Extensions/Agents

  18. Plextel System (IP-PBX) * Estimate cost

  19. Plextel System (IP-PBX) Basic Features Web-Based Configuration/ Monitoring System • Support Thai language. • Web-Based Status Checking System for simple problem solving and Overall System Status • Graph System Resource Usage (CPU, Network, Memory) • Checking Services • Phone Status / Connection Status • Active Call Status • User Based Telephony System, • Web Username / Password for every extensions. • Check Voicemail / Call Record / Incoming Fax for each individual users.

  20. Call Features • Hi-Light Features • Support Multi-Company Phone system, with separate Call Permission on each Individual group. Reduce the overall investment on the individual IP-PBX system.

  21. Call Features • Hi-Light Features • Message Center, now with the support of Voicemail, Personal Call-Recording, and FAX, will extended the capability of any user on the system, which will result of overall customer satisfaction and gain more productivity to the company.

  22. Call Features • Hi-Light Features • Flexible and Schedulable Incoming and Outgoing Calls, administrator will have less frustration to enable or disable outgoing SIP-Trunk that matching the current status.

  23. Call Features • Hi-Light Features • FAX Support (beta), not only for the INCOMING fax from your customer, now PLEXTEL support Internal FAX, which can work as simple document server in your workplace. The usage is simple, add number, enable fax extension on that number, and you can fax to that extensions right away.

  24. Advanced Features • Hi-Light Features • Virtual Office, for a modern office, whit limited space, with the RESEAT features on the PLEXTEL and your CUSTOM seat selection software, phone call will be route to the selected seat automatically. • Line Status on your Phone, with the support ofBLF, now you can see what going on your phonesystem, who is now talking, ringing can be simple display on your phone

  25. Advanced Features • Hi-Light Features • Call-Back • Web Call-Back

  26. Advanced Features • Rich Call Report

  27. Advanced Features • Rich Call Features found in Hi-End PBX system • Additional Hi-Light Features • Multiple File-Based Music-on-hold, Announcement can be now assigned to any group on the system individually. • Phone Locking, Follow-Me, Parking, Call Pickup, Extensions Pickup • Need a voice note?, One-Touch Call Recording can help you with that !! • PAGING / INTERCOM, with this features support, Boss-Secretary Scenario can be implement with ease, Paging can be a great help without additional equipment

  28. Advanced Features • Call Conference System (Internal and External Client) with Conference control Panel, • with this features internal and external (PSTN/VoIP) can join the conference, and together with the recording features, there is no need to use the recording device to record the conference anymore. • Controlling the Conference will be easier that before, with the web-based conference control, administrator can remove user, mute, close the conference.

  29. Advanced Features • Powerful IVR system / Auto Attendant Systemwith Multiple languages support (Up-to 4 languages), this support multiple flexible plan for the IVR.

  30. Advanced Features • Voice logger Features. (call record) • full web-based file management for call record, • user can be easily, check and listen voice record on the system. • Filter can be apply to any type of the recording making simpler job for searching the file. • Backup can be done selectively, by select the required group of file and can be download directly. • Backup Choice • SMB • USB HDD

  31. Advanced Features • Basic CDR / Billing Systemwith export to .CSV filePost processing for internal billing made easy

  32. Advanced Features • Site-to-Site Connectivity (with SIP / IAX2 support) • With IAX2 trunking support, networking bandwidth usage will be reduce in half* • Video Call (H.263, H.264) • File based Backup – Restore • High Availability Support (ACTIVE/STANBY) • For mission critical system.

  33. Advanced Features • Auto Provisioningwith auto provisioning, Configuration, Setting, Firmware, Phonebook* can be easily manage on the PLEXTEL web-interface, with MAC address information from the phone, system will send all the configuration to the support phone without user intervention. Making administrator job easier than later.

  34. Call Center Application • Call Routing and Queue System • Support Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) • Sending to Queue using IVR menu • Queue System support • Automatic send the call to available agent/phone, together with voice message to customer waiting in the Queue. • Skill can be set on each group of agents, ensure that customer will be served efficiently. • Exit from Queue, allow user to exit from queue and call to other extensions. • Voice Record • Agent Login/Logoff system. • Support Whisper, Channel Spy (Barge Call). • CRM integration, Screen Pop-Up

  35. Call Center Application • Real-time Monitoring • Monitor Queue Status • Monitor Agent Status

  36. Call Center Application • Simple Call Center Report System • Inbound Call Center Report • Queue Graph Report

  37. Call Center Application • Free version of CRM

  38. Networking Networking Features: • Security function to prevent intrusion to (SIP, SSH) • Support ADSL Bridge (PPPoE) • Support Dynamic DNS for Dynamic Name registration • Integrated Firewall, NAT, NTP, and DHCP server • Remote management support (Internet/Modem) • Support communication with APC UPS (*selected model) • Reduce data traffic between IP-PBX using Trunking Protocol. • Codec Overhead Additional Call • G.711 16.0 kbps 65.9 kbps • G.729** 20.3 kbps 9.6 kbps • GSM 20.7 kbps 14.7 kbps • ** required additional license

  39. Protocol Supported Support Technology: • SIP Video Phone • SIP/IAX Hard Phone (VoIP Phone) • SIP/IAX Soft Phone • Support GSM/Wifi SIP VoIP Phone (E-COMM) • Support multiple extensions technology included SIP, IAX, and ZAP/DAHDI channels • Support Multiple PSTN/PABX Connectivity, Analog FXS/FXO,Analog GSM ChannelDigital ISDN PRI(E1), Digital ISDN BRI

  40. (IP-PBX)Xorcom • XR1000 (SOHO) support upto 16 PSTN, 50 Users, 12 concurrent calls • XR2000 (SMB/Enterprise) support upto 160 PSTN, 300 users and up-to 60 concurrent calls • XR3000 (Enterprise) support upto 640 PSTN, 1,000 users and up-to 300 concurrent calls • Web interface based on famous Elastix

  41. XR1000application XR2000/3000application

  42. (Yeastar IP-PBX) MyPBX MyPBX – Embedded IP-PBX for Small Businesses • Hybrid PBX system (with CO and EXT lines) • Up-to 16 Analog ports. • Up-to 12 concurrent calls • Up-to 200 users • 1Ethernet ports • Rich PBX features • 2000 minutes of Voicemails • Call Parking • Call Pickup • Call Routing • Call Transfer • Direct Inward System Access (DISA) • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) • Music On Hold • BLF Status Updates • Low Cost

  43. (Yeastar IP-PBX) MyPBX-SOHO MyPBX-SOHO – Embedded IP-PBX for SOHO • 4 Analog ports (FXS/FXO) • Idea For 2-36 users, Max 18 Concurrent Calls (G.711) • 512Mbyte Flash Storage (4000 minutes), Net Disk Capability • SRP: with 4 FXO 16,320.- Call Features:Conference Voicemail Ring group Call Parking Call Pickup Call Routing Call Transfer Call Waiting Caller ID Call Detail Records (CDR) Do Not Disturb (DND) Music On Hold Route by Caller ID • Three-way calling • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) • One Touch Call Recording (WAV format, max 4 users)

  44. (Yeastar IP-PBX) BIZFAX BizFax, Fax Server • Automatic Send/Receive FAX • Remote Send/Receive FAX, through internet • Fax Queue/Broadcast • Email to Fax, Fax to Email Support. • Start with E100 with 1FXOto 1 E1 Line (30 Channels) • SRP: 17,610.-

  45. (Yeastar IP-PBX) BIZFAX FEATURES 1. Install BizFAX Client on a computer, and then you own a Virtual Fax Machine. (support maximum of 25 clients per 1 FXO port).2. The FXS port is to connect a physical fax machine for scan, print or fax directly. 3. Compatible with PSTN (FXO) . 4. Can communicate by phone before fax.5. Auto convert documents as doc, xls and pdf to fax format tiff by BizFAX Printer.6. Auto create a single fax document with multiple pages from multiple documents.7. Send a fax to multiple numbers at the same time.8. Customizable fax page header. 

  46. (Yeastar IP-PBX) BIZFAX 9. User is able to make annotation, signature and stamp through BizFAX Editor.10. If the other party manually receives a fax, user can make a call to talk with the other party at first by virtual fax extension and then send fax after the call. 11. FAX to Email or E-mail to FAX.12. Can save up quantity of fax documents. E serial memory is about 500M (about 15000 pages) and expandable by Net Disk; S serial and M serial takes with infinite memory. 13. Virtual fax extensions can make calls; send emails and instant messages to each other.

  47. SNOM (Germany) About SNOM • SNOM Technology AG, Germany Based Company • Develop and manufacturer VoIP Phones based on open standard target for enterprise communication • Benefit • High Quality, Customizable and Cost Effective • Support multiple software Addons • CTI • OCS • Ensure Compatibility with large interoperate list • Features Rich phone

  48. SNOM (Germany)Software Addons • CRM Software Add-ons • On Screen Click-to-dial • Users Information/Notes Pop-up • On Screen Call Control – Answer, Hold, Transfer, End • Call History with journals & customer cal records. • Sales Force, Microsoft Outlook/Dynamic CRM, Netsuite Integration*

  49. SNOM (Germany)Software Addons • SNOM OCS Edition • First open-standard SIP phone with native Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007 Integration • Incoming calls announced simultaneously on Desktop and SNOM phone. • Search name/number on MCS • Work with all SNOM model included • Snom 300 • Snom 320 • Snom 360 • Snom 370 • Snom 820 • Snom 870 • Snom Meeting Point

  50. SNOM (Germany)Software Addons • ESTOS ProCall – Professional TAPI Drivers for SNOM VoIP phones • Middleware to convert snom’s CTI interface to Microsoft TAPI standard. • ForCallCenter, CTI and UC applications.