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  1. Ready? Leader of the Soviet Union who asked for an Allied second front against Hitler in 1941

  2. Joseph Stalin Fascist dictator of Italy

  3. Benito Mussolini Fascist dictator of Germany

  4. Adolf Hitler Term for “Giving in to Hitler to keep the peace in Europe.”

  5. appeasement Two nations taken by Nazis without the use of force

  6. Austria and Czechoslovakia Said “If lost to Nazis it would be devastating to the United States”

  7. Great Britain Plan that traded 50 U.S. destroyers to British for bases around the world.

  8. Destroyers for Bases Deal Most powerful nation in Asia before WWII began

  9. Japan FDR speech that explained difference between Nazis and western democracies like USA

  10. Four Freedoms speech Isolationist group led by Charles Lindbergh

  11. Committee to Defend America First Group that suffered 6 million deaths during Holocaust in WWII

  12. European Jews Cause of Japanese attack on United States Navy in 1941

  13. US oil embargo Started in 1941 by FDR for the first time in U.S. history to strengthen the military.

  14. Peacetime draft Plan opposed by isolationists, later offered to the Soviets and made the U.S. “the arsenal of democracy”.

  15. Lend-Lease Act Event that caused U.S. entry into World War II.

  16. Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 “December 7, 1941, a day that will live in infamy” is a quote from what?

  17. FDR’s declaration of war U.S. military strategy for fighting WW II.

  18. 1. Defeat Hitler first.2. Fight a defensive war in the pacific. What were the two main weapons of the Nazi “Blitzkrieg”

  19. Surprise attack using airplanes and tanks What was Germany’s goal during Battle of the Atlantic

  20. Cut off supplies coming into Britain “Turning point” of the war in Europe. Nazi’s first major defeat

  21. Stalingrad Supreme commander of U.S. forces in Europe

  22. General Dwight D. Eisenhauer Led the U.S. Third Army to liberate Paris from Nazis

  23. General George Patton Locations, in order, where American ground troops fought in Europe.

  24. 1. North Africa2.Italy3.France Where “second front” was finally opened in Europe against Nazis

  25. Normandy France, D-Day June 6,1944 2 1/2 months after D-Day Allied armies were approaching what city?

  26. Paris The last German offensive of the war. Caught U.S. army by surprise!

  27. Battle of the Bulge VE Day signifies what event in WWII?

  28. The unconditional surrender of Germany in 1945 Long-range U.S. bomber used to deliver atomic bomb

  29. B-29 FDR and Churchill agreed early on this was the only acceptable end to the war.

  30. Unconditional surrender of Axis powers. Pacific battle where U.S. sinks four Japanese aircraft carriers. Turning Point of Pacific War

  31. Midway Island Supreme US commander in Pacific. Retreated from Philippines but vowed “I shall return”

  32. General Douglas MacArthur Small island, 600 miles from Japan where bloodiest battle of the entire war was fought.

  33. Okinawa Main reasons President Truman decided to use the atomic bomb.

  34. Would end war sooner and save American lives Japanese city where first atomic bomb was dropped.

  35. Hiroshima Japanese-American soldiers. Became one of the most decorated U.S. Units of WW II

  36. 442 Regimental Combat Team Popular wartime song that you could dance to

  37. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B U.S. agency created to convince industries to produce goods for the war.

  38. War Production Board (WPB) popular saying that reminded people not to talk about military matters to friends or relatives.

  39. “Loose lips sink ships” Symbolized women’s new opportunities in business and war industries.

  40. Rosie the Riveter U.S. Government agency that rationed gasoline and encouraged recycling for the war effort.

  41. Office of Price Administration (OPA) Provided 60% of the funding $$ for the American war effort.

  42. War Bonds The goal of government wage and price controls Raising and extending income taxes Increasing consumer goods

  43. Prevent wartime inflation Man who threatened a march on Washington D.C. to protest discrimination, forced FDR to create the Fair Employment Practices Commission

  44. A. Phillip Randolph Racial conflict in Los Angeles between servicemen and Mexican-Americans

  45. Zoot suit riots Who Has: Location of worst riots of WW II.

  46. Detroit Michigan Name given to a person born in the U.S., but whose parents came from Japan.

  47. Nisei Group that agreed not to go on strike during the war.

  48. US labor unions Failed lawsuit against the U.S. over the internment of Japanese-Americans during WW II.

  49. Korematsu v. United States Lightly armed merchant ships, built quickly to carry supplies to the Allies.

  50. Liberty ships Women in the WWII US military who served mainly as nurses and secretaries