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  1. WELCOMING CELINE The journey was awful

  2. Exercise 1 BEFORE YOU WATCH What was the last city you visited that was not your hometown? What did you like about it? How did you get there? How was the journey? If you were going to direct a foreigner to some interesting places in Czech Republic, what would you recommend? How would you recommend going there? Besides meeting a foreigner face-to-face, what kinds of resources inspire you to travel to other countries? Where would you like to visit? Why? What was the worst journey you ever made? What made it terrible? Turn your terrible journey into a funny story and share with your classmates. .

  3. WHILE YOU WATCH Exercise 2 Are these statements TRUE or FALSE? • Celine didn’t take a taxi because they are too expensive. • The situation in the Tube has improved recently. • If you use a pre-ordered service, things are cheaper. • Celine only has one piece of luggage. • The people in London generally push you to get into a full train in the Tube. • In London, there are professional employees in the Tube who help you to get into a full train. • Celine is too exhausted to go out for dinner and prefers to stay in her hotel. • They are going to meet at seven a.m.

  4. Exercise 3 Listen and fill in the gaps

  5. AFTER YOU WATCH Exercise 4 Match the English expressions with their Czech equivalent

  6. Exercise 5 GROUP DISCUSSION • If you worked as a tour operator, which countries would you prefer to take groups of tourists? Why? What would be the main points of interest you would take tourists to experience? • What are the advantages of tourism to regional development? What are the disadvantages? In groups of four, take sides and debate the issue. • What are the differences between eco-tourism, cultural tourism, and creative tourism? Do you have any interest in experiencing them? If so, what would you like to do and where would you go to?

  7. Exercise 5 GROUP DISCUSSION The leisure industry is a growing field with European and International degree programs and research institutes engaged in study and practice. • What do you think are some of the advantages of studying leisure activities? • What kind of research of leisure would be beneficial to your local area? • What kind of jobs are in the leisure sector? Would you like to work in this area of employment? Why or why not?

  8. Exercise6 ROLE PLAY • In a small group, prepare a role play about a planned journey or a visit that goes wrong. Turn it into a humorous interaction. Create a situation, place, and people involved. • Prepare and present a short skit to the rest of the class. Which skit is the most realistic? Which is the most humorous? Which one could be developed into a written skit, play, or other piece of writing? • DISCUSS: What forms of popular culture are you aware of that involves travel, journeys or visits to foreign places that later become the material for humor, subculture actions, art, political theatre, and/or literature?

  9. Exercise 6