the blue canyon country club rose to fame when n.
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Phuket Golf Club PowerPoint Presentation
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Phuket Golf Club

Phuket Golf Club

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Phuket Golf Club

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  1. The Blue Canyon Country Club rose to fame when the canyon course was selected for the Johnnie Walker Classic and is the only three-time host of the Johnnie Walker Classic in 1994, 1998 & 2007 The legendary Blue Canyon Country Club in Phuket, Thailand The legendary Blue Canyon Country Club in Phuket, Thailand is ranked by international media as one of the most prestigious golfing establishments in the region. Cradled in a 720-acre verdant valley against a magnificent backdrop of the majestic Phang Nga mountains and the Andaman Sea, Blue Canyon offers two award-winning championship golf courses, “Canyon Course” built in 1991 and “Lakes Course” in 1999, complete with boutique spa resort and comfortable clubhouse facilities. Services ASIAN & PACIFIC GOLF RESORT OF THE YEAR BY HERTZ INTERNATIONAL GOLF TRAVEL AWARD, 2000 ACCOMMODATION Not only does Blue Canyon offer spectacular golf, it has a full range of facilities found at a resort. Your spouse and children can always take advantage of Blue Canyon’s swimming pool and gym. And do not forget the region’s best Pro shop as well as our superlative spa and golf school. UNDERSTATED LUXURY, UNCOMPROMISING STANDARDS After a day of golf, you can unwind in the privacy of your room, soaking in the Jacuzzi, watching other golfers at play on the Canyon Course or simply basking in the tranquillity of the environment. And there’s always the spectacular sunset over the Andaman Sea to savour, not to forget the sunrise on Phang Nga Bay.

  2. Luxury Apartments The Blue Canyon’s lavishly-appointed resort apartments nestle peacefully amidst the surrounding natural landscape. Designed with total privacy in mind, the units are nevertheless within easy reach of the Clubhouse and all facilities. Whether you are here for a short or long-term stay, we will cater to your every comfort. BC Wellness & Spa In our quest to create an experience that will fulfill your need for rest and relaxation, we have integrated diverse ancient and contemporary concepts and techniques to bring your body and spirit back in harmony. Our spa therapist will guide you throughout your time here while offering you the utmost privacy and tranquility. ” We present you our massage therapy menu and wish you a splendid time with us. “ MASSAGE THERAPY THAI MASSAGE With an emphasis on stretching, Thai Boran technique combines yoga-like positions with massage using palm stokes and thumb pressure along the energy lines. This is a traditional Thai remedy for releasing blocked energy. BC SPORTS An exclusive Blue Canyon creation especially for our golfers, this is the perfect solution for sports or stress – related muscle aches and soreness. AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE A beautiful aromatherapy experience that relieves stress and light muscles by means of therapeutic essential oils and a massage technique that facilitate the circulatory and respiratory functions while pleasuring the olfactory senses. ORIENTAL FOOT REFLEXOLOGY An ancient technique for relaxation and detoxification, Oriental Foot Reflexology focuses on pressure points in the foot which relate to specific organs and glands in the body. Stimulating those pressure points promotes health in the corresponding organ via the body’s energetic pathways, contributing to our overall well-being. 165 MOO 1, THEPKRASATTRI., MAIKHAO, THALANG PHUKET, 83110 THAILAND