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Google chrome operating system

Google chrome operating system. By:Houman Sobhani. Introduction.

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Google chrome operating system

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  1. Google chrome operating system By:Houman Sobhani

  2. Introduction • Google chrome is a Linux based operating system designed by Google to work exclusively with web applications. In the SEO and Link Building world that translates to time savings for you and increased time spent online by your prospects and clients.

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  4. PC Hardware

  5. PC Software

  6. Installation steps • Step 1: Navigate to the Vanilla Chromium Build homepage and scroll all the way to the top of the version listing (latest build version). • 2. Click on the “Download USB Image (picture of a USB drive)” and the zipped OS image file should begin downloading. The file is 200MB+ and should take a while so go relax and come back in about 15-20 minutes. • 3. Once the Chromium OS image has completed downloading, we will also need to download the Windows Image Writer so that we can successfully create a bootable image on our flash drive. The Image Writer page can be found here, with the download link on the right hand side of the page (first green tab). This download won’t take long (less than 1 minute on high speed internet) so you might as well just wait until it’s done. • 4. Once everything has finished downloading we must format our flash drive. Simply insert the drive into a USB slot in your computer and wait for Windows to mount the drive. Then navigate to “Computer”, right click on the flash drive in the device list and select “format…”. The format menu will open, just click the “Start” button and Windows will automatically format your flash drive. • 5. Unzip the Image Writer file and open the Win32DiskImager program (Windows Vista, 7 and x64 bit users will need to right click and select the “Run as administrator” option). An error may, or may not, pop up when the program is starting. It’s referring to a floppy drive that is not installed on your machine, dismiss the error by selecting “Ok”. • 6. Unzip the Chrome OS .tar.gz image file you downloaded by using WinRAR or 7Zip and make sure the extracted files are in an easily navigable directory. • 7. In the Image Writer menu select the correct drive letter of your inserted flash drive. This can be checked easily by opening “Computer” or “My Computer”. Once the correct drive is selected, you must then select the blue folder icon and navigate to the Google Chrome OS image file in the browser window that pops up. If you have successfully selected the correct image it will show up in the address bar to the left of the open source icon. • 8. Double check the drive letter of your flash drive and then select “Write” after making sure. A warning will pop up indicating your drive may malfunction if you happen to select the wrong one, dismiss the warning message and the program should begin writing a bootable image to your flash drive. • 9. When the program has finished writing the image and displays “Done” in the bottom left corner you may then remove the flash drive and close the program. • 10. Reboot the machine and choose the USB thumb drive you just created as the boot partition. The computer will then boot into the Google Chrome OS Flow build. • 11. The first time you login into the OS you will need to login using a common login name and password. The Login screen looks like the image at the top left, with the Google Chrome and Flow logos clearly evident.

  7. Desktop

  8. APPS chosen and why • Calendar : To put the date and time • Full screen weather: To check the weather • Local media player: To play media to learn something • Calculator: Help with calculation • Wiki search:Search anything you want

  9. PC Performance under Chrome OS • Fast Boot and Performance • Chromebooks fitted with Chrome OS are able to boot up in eight to 10 seconds due to the streamlined, stripped-down operating system running on them. They can resume from sleep mode almost instantly. As new updates are automatically pushed to the Chromebook, the operating system should become faster over time. The factors that typically slow down Windows machines -- additional software installations, additional registry entries, hard disk fragmentation -- do not come into play with Chrome OS as everything is on the Web. • Integrated Security • Chrome OS doesn't feature a traditional antivirus program or anti-spyware scanner, but it is built from the ground up to minimize security threats. Like the Chrome Web browser, it sandboxes tabs to limit the access websites have to the rest of the operating system. • Cloud-Based Data • It is possible to save files locally on a Chrome OS machine but users are encouraged to store documents, photos and media online with services such as Google Docs, Flickr and Dropbox. This has the advantage of making a user's files available from any device with Chrome OS (or a Web browser installed).

  10. Summary • chrome was the first browser (still the only one, i think) who really protects you while you surf • Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. • Google Chrome is the latest major entrant into the browser market, taking on the established Internet Explorer and Firefox. • Google Chrome has good built in security, it automatically flags up any suspect sites, and isolates any problems.

  11. Recommendations • I highly Tiwi Island College to use • The Google Chrome Operating System because they can use it in the class activities .Google Chrome is recommended for 2 reasons, one, they want participants to use a fast, fully featured browser that supports all the audio and video .

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