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Google Chrome

Google Chrome

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Google Chrome

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  1. Google Chrome Parks Brown

  2. Google Chrome1 • Chrome is the largest web browser service in the entire world • Used in 45% of the web browser market, with over 750 million users each month. • First Released on September 2, 2008 to all Microsoft users, then on December 11, 2008 to the general public

  3. History and Development

  4. History and Devolopment2 • Third Parties- Network Security Services, NPAPI, Skia Graphic Engine, Mozilla’s Netscape Portable Engine, and SQ Lite. • Software- Blink and Gear • Blink Software- Used in the display of webpages • Gear software- Used in development of webpages • Google Chairman Eric Schmidt was originally skeptical about the development of such a browser. • Schmidt was convinced by Google Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. • Brin Worked with numberous third parties to develop the Chrome browser.

  5. History and Development(cont.)3 • Within 3 months of chromes release to the general public, it had already gained about 1 percent of the global browser market. • On April 3, 2013 Chrome was released to all Android devices, and became their default browser. • Chromium- Google released Chromes source code to numerous third parties to help in its development of its operating systems.

  6. Features

  7. Security4 Security Pros Security Cons Criticized for not using a master password, to prevent unwanted access to users regular passwords • Warns users when visiting a site that could be potentially harmful. • Prevents what happens in one tab from happening in another open tab. • Chrome pays people to try and crack their security, and find vulnerabilities.

  8. Privacy5 Incognito mode- Prevents broser from tracker any user history, or cookies from websites visited. Chrome also allows for user tracking to be turned off manually. Chrome is a known supporter of the Do Not Track initiative, and put initiative in place during 2012.

  9. Speed and Stability6 • JavaScript- Used by chrome has features such as code generation, and precise garbage collection. • Pre-rendering- Chrome uses pre-rendering meaning that when when users visit a webpage. Chrome starts to retrieve information about sites that that page links to. • Process Isolation- Allows one task being performed not to interfere with another. • Process Management- Allows users to see what websites are using the most memory, and downloading.

  10. Versions of Chrome

  11. Android6 Google for Android was launched on February 7, 2012 Notable Feature- Bookmarks Synchronization, Page pre-rendering, and Hardware acceleration. Mobile Version- Missing features like safe browsing, and adobe flash player.

  12. IOS7 Chrome was released to the apple store on June 26, 2012. Supports the IPhone, IPad, and IPod Touch, as long as all have IOS version 6 installed. Although Safari is the default browser for IOS chrome is said to have 1.5% of the IOS market.

  13. Google Chrome Experiments8 Chrome Experiments is an online showroom of web browser based experiments, interactive programs, and artistic projects, launched in March 2009. Over 500 experiments have been created to help Chrome create interactive experiences for its users. Such experiments include 100,000 stars which is an interactive, 3D of the stellar universe.

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