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Google Chrome The Password Manager PowerPoint Presentation
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Google Chrome The Password Manager

Google Chrome The Password Manager

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Google Chrome The Password Manager

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  1. Google Chrome The Password Manager Megan Thurston ITGS – Paper 2

  2. Criterion A:The Issue and the Stakeholder • What is Google Chrome? • • One of the page tools offered by Chrome browser is the password manager. This application allows information such as usernames and passwords to be saved to the system, and retrieved by the user by only a few clicks of the mouse

  3. Criterion A:The Issue and the Stakeholder (cont.) For the convenience of the user, the password manager does not require any sort of identification or password to retrieve the saved information Although convenient for the user, the ability to reveal the information becomes easy to access for hackers The primary stakeholder is users who store their passwords and usernames on the application without any sort of protection from hackers

  4. Criterion B:The IT Concepts and Processes The password manager is a free feature offered by Google Chrome, but requires the user to enter the usernames and passwords he wishes to save into the database Once the information is entered, Google then saves it to an SQLite database, which is a software library that encrypts the information A Windows user only the user’s account password to login, and the password manager is able to be revealed

  5. Criterion C:The Impact of the Issue on the Stakeholder • Advantages: • The password manager is a convenient tool for users who have many usernames and passwords to remember for various sites • The manager also offers an auto-fill option to fill in the information on various sites • The ability to access the stored information is not confined to one machine; the user can easily synchronize with the user’s Google account, allowing the information to be accessible to more computers

  6. Criterion C:The Impact of the Issue and the Stakeholder • Disadvantages: • The only means of security required to access the saved passwords and usernames is the user’s password needed to login • Google Chrome allows external utilities to access the passwords; even though the information is encrypted, utility sites such as ChromePass decrypts the information, meaning it is also available to malware and hackers

  7. Criterion D:The Solution to the Problem • Users should download or install an encryption software, such as TrueCrypt, which encrypts the user’s entire hard drive, which greatly reduces the risk of the user’s information being accessed by intruders