lengua extranjera grupo 4 secuencia did ctica mi ni ez n.
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LENGUA EXTRANJERA- GRUPO 4 Secuencia Didáctica: "Mi niñez"  PowerPoint Presentation
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LENGUA EXTRANJERA- GRUPO 4 Secuencia Didáctica: "Mi niñez" 

LENGUA EXTRANJERA- GRUPO 4 Secuencia Didáctica: "Mi niñez" 

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LENGUA EXTRANJERA- GRUPO 4 Secuencia Didáctica: "Mi niñez" 

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  1. LENGUA EXTRANJERA- GRUPO 4 Secuencia Didáctica: "Mi niñez" 

  2. Group: 4 Topic: My childhood Time Required : 6 hours Grammar : simple past- used to Vocabulary: action verbs-food- games-hobbies-memories-sport Communication Skills: talking about childhood memories, friends, games, having fun, favourite stories, favourite food.

  3. "Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away..."

  4. Presentation of the topic: Students can be shown pictures of toys, groups of kids having fun, some "past time" artists , cartoons.  The teacher can ask what do they have to say about them. What does it remind them of?

  5.   Let's tell  stories! • What stories did your parents use to tell you? • Did they use to read tales? • Did you use to read The Little Prince? • What was your favourite story? What about Alice in Wonderland? •       I used to read fairy tales •       My mother used to invent animal stories for  the children. •      They were awesome!

  6. Now let's remember our best childish moments... We can watch the famous story here What differences can you find between the original story by Lewis Caroll and the recent movie?

  7. After watching the video , think of five questions you would like to ask to the Little Prince about his childhood.

  8. - Where and when they were born -their family members - Their neighbourhood in those times (Did it change or not ?)  -Their best friends ( a short description -including photos if possible) -Their primary school (name - things they liked best or not    about it ,etc) - TV programmes they watched - What they did during their free time (played a sport,climbed trees,went to the  parks ,etc.) -Tell about an important event during those days ,a vivid childhood memory :" (date)..... was a day I would never forget.      I was....years old when.....(when they got good/ bad news ,an important present ,an unexpected visitor, and so on). INCLUDING  AS MANY PHOTOS , PICTURES,SONGS OR VIDEOS AS THEY CAN. When you finish ,send it to your teacher's mail for on-line correction. Write an online composition about your childhood memories: