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World Link

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World Link

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  1. World Link Unit 4 Around the World? Lesson A Places in my city

  2. Internet café laundromat laundrette gym movie theater bank cinema hair salon hairdresser’s barber’s shop post office library

  3. stadium dental clinic hospital garage park gas/petrol station

  4. newsstand flower shop train station subway station bus stop

  5. fill my car up with petrol hair salon/ hairdresser’s/ barber’s shop buy stamps/envelops gas/petrol station change money subway station cut my hair Internet café mail a letter flower shop repair my car laundromat buy a newspaper newsstand at/in a I can take an underground train post office buy some roses hospital watch football games stadium check e-mails garage go to see a doctor library wash my clothes bank borrow books gym do exercises

  6. 2 3 1 4 2 1 4 3 √ √ √ √

  7. What do you usually do when you can’t find a place? Do you keep looking? Do you use a map? Do you ask for help? How to ask for directions? How to give directions?

  8. What are they looking for? Where is it? ways to ask for directions ways to give directions

  9. Where’s the…, please? How can I get to …? +a specific place Excuse me. Do you know the way to…? Can you tell me how to get to …? +a place in general Is there a… near here? Ask for directions

  10. I’m sorry, I don’t know. I’m afraid I can’t help you. If you don’t know the way… Sorry, I’m a stranger here. Sorry. You could ask the bus driver. Yes, there’s a … on + street/road name. Give directions ① It’s on + street/road name. ② The easiest/quickest/best way is to… go +right, left, down, up, through take/go along +street/road nameturn +right/left at …crossing walk … blocks take the subway/bus/a taxi to… If you know the way… ③ after that, then, next, when you get to, finally You will see + a landmark on the right/left.You will pass + a landmark. It’s + prep. + the landmark. You can’t miss it. ④ not far. It’s ⑤ about a twenty-minute bus ride / walk.

  11. next to /beside on across from on the corner in front of in the middle of between

  12. on across from next to /beside on between on the corner of

  13. Bradfort Park the laundromat on City Hall across from the school Where is ? in the middle of It’s … the post office in front of the store next to the internet Café the church on the corner of the hotel beside the bank the parking lot

  14. Laundromat Internet cafe 1. Go along/take Hyde Street. Then 2. Go through Grant Ave and Albany Ave. After that 3.You will find the Internet café on your left. It’s in the middle of the block. block crossing /crossroad City Hall Savings Bank 1. Go along/ go up / take Grant Ave . Then 2. Go through Mason street and Hyde street. Next 3. Turn right at the third crossing. After that 4. Go along the Bloor street West and the bank is on your left. It’s in the middle of the block.

  15. Where am I? First Ave First Street Second Ave Second Street Third Ave Fourth Ave

  16. Super-market Bank Subway station Gym I A King’s Street Hospital Hair salon flower shop H Seventh Ave Library Sixth Ave KFC Petrol station NTVC D B K Queen’sStreet stadium G C Post office Garage Hotel Bookstore J E F Prince’sStreet A: buy some roses C: change money D: repair my car B: borrow books E: fill my car up with petrol F: do exercises H: buy stamps/envelops G: cut my hair I: watch football games J: take an underground train K: go to see a doctor

  17. Homework • Finish the workbook: Lesson A • Make a map of our school and make a dialogue (Ask for and give directions) according to the map.

  18. Prepositions of places in front of in the middle of / beside