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Domain Name Registration Policy

Domain Name Registration Policy. TWNIC 02/27/2001. Content. Classification Reserved words&limitation of characters Application rules Fees Dispute resolution process Remedies Registrars. Domain Name Classification. Specific English Domain Name

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Domain Name Registration Policy

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  1. Domain Name Registration Policy TWNIC 02/27/2001

  2. Content • Classification • Reserved words&limitation of characters • Application rules • Fees • Dispute resolution process • Remedies • Registrars

  3. Domain Name Classification • Specific English Domain Name --xxx.com.tw,xxx.org.tw,xxx.idv.tw • Specific Chinese Domain Name ---xxx.商業.台灣,xxx.商業.tw ---xxx.網路.台灣,xxx.網路.tw ---xxx.組織.台灣,xxx.組織.tw • General Chinese Domain Name ---xxx.台灣,xxx.tw

  4. Reserved Words

  5. The Limitation of Character • English domain name *The length of characters can not be over 63 bytes *must comply with RFC-1035 *Alphanumeric symbols only • Chinese domain name *The length of characters can not be over 14 Chinese characters or 28 bytes *Can not consist entirely of alphanumeric Symbols,must comply with RFC-1035 *Big5 based

  6. Registration Rules ※General rule • 「first come,first serve」 • Can apply for multiple DNs • On-line DN application agreement is required

  7. Registration Rules

  8. Fees

  9. Dispute &Remedies policy • Dispute Resolution policy ※Domain name disputes to be resolved by providers • Registry may transfer or cancel DN ※90 day non-payment cancellation policy ※receipt of written notice from Registrant ※written dispute resolution either of Providers or Court’s decision

  10. Establishment of Registry/Registrar System • Delegated 6 registrars on 10/17/2000 • Began testing “registration service system” on 10/21/2000 • Service for the specific English/Chinese domain name application process was provided by the registrars on 12/04/2000 • On line general Chinese domain name registration service was provided by the registrars on 02/16/2001

  11. The List of TWNIC-accredited Registrars • TWNIC-accredited 6 registrars on 10/17/2000 • TISNet technology inc.(TISNET )http://reg.tisnet.net.tw • Asia pacific online service inc.(APOL)http://activity.apol.com.tw/dns/ • Chunghwa telecom CO. Ltd (HiNet) http://www.hinet.net • Net-Chinese co. Ltd http://www.net-chinese.com.tw • PC home online co. Ltd (PC home) http://myname.pchome.com.tw • Digital united inc.(SeedNet) http://rs.seed.net.tw

  12. Registry/Registrar interaction TWNIC API SSL evaluation agreement Instant update of information Follow related policies information kept on file Registrar

  13. Registry DB Registry -frozen/unfrozen -delete DN -billing -statistical info API Registrar Registrar DB -DN registration -payment procedure -query status of registration -update/query registrant info -transfer in/out

  14. Registry DB Registry API queryDn insertDn updateDn deleteDn getDns setDns …… Registrar API: Specific domain name (English,individual,Chinese) General Chinese domain name Registrar DB

  15. Registry DB Registry API Registrant info,app.、exp. datestatus DNS infotransfer info Registrar info Registrar Registrar DB Domain name、pwd、registrant info

  16. System Architecture Registrar DB • DB API SSL Encryption TWNICRegistrySSL server RegistrarHome Page • E-DN:15 • I-DN:14 • C-DN:5 • AI:10 • G-C-DN:14 HTTP TWNICRegistryDB USER

  17. Special Features • On line application • E-mail Confirmation • On line Payment • Local DB for registrars • Automatic transfer of traditional to simplified

  18. Future Plan • Improve user interface • Follow RRP • Reorganization of Data Base structure • Reengineering of registration process • Development of Chinese DN technology

  19. General Chinese Domain Name The process of registration TWNIC 02/27/2001

  20. General Chinese Domain Namethe process of registration(一) • DN registered using Big5 based • Check • Character limitation • Reserved words • Conflict with other codes

  21. General Chinese Domain Namethe process of registration(二) • Select one domain name • Display the applicable code (Big5、Big5UTF8、GBK、GBKUTF8) • Payment status • E-mail confirmation status • Set up DNS • Finish the process of registration, then domain name is active

  22. 申請繁體,同時註冊簡體(TWNIC)

  23. 申請繁體,同時註冊簡體(TWNIC)

  24. 申請繁體,同時註冊簡體(TWNIC)

  25. 申請繁體,同時註冊簡體(TWNIC)

  26. Set up DNS • Select host mode or DNS mode • Host mode: 1 Input of corresponding DN,Host name follow by IP 2 Selection & confirmation of GB code 3 Once completed 4 query codes provided • DNS mode: 1 Input of host name codes(Big5,Big5UTF8,GB,GBUTF8) corresponding to IP 2 Confirmation of code input 3 Assign name server’s data into zone file

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