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Green & Garden Waste Removal PowerPoint Presentation
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Green & Garden Waste Removal

Green & Garden Waste Removal

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Green & Garden Waste Removal

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  1. Green & Garden Waste Removal

  2. Skip Bins for Garden Waste Removal • Does your garden need some work? Do you have some overgrown shrubs that need trimming or lawns that need mowing or a tree that keeps dropping leaves in your driveway and really needs a few branches sawn off? • We can all find ourselves guilty of putting off gardening duties: it’s time consuming and worst of all - it makes a big mess! Even if we find the time to get out the mower, pruners or saw, we dread carrying all those twigs and branches out to the verge where they will remain an eyesore until a collection date. • Hiring a skip bin can be a great way to manage the mess after giving your garden a much needed makeover. Not only are skip bins convenient, they’re also economical and when you book through Bonza Bins you can be assured they will be as environmentally friendly as possible too. So what kind of skip bin should you get for your next gardening job?

  3. Green Waste Skip Bins • The skip bin you’ll need for your garden waste is a Green Waste skip bin. This bin is the most appropriate for light green waste such as lawn clippings, shrubs, small branches, leaves, palm fronds and tree trunks and stumps smaller than 50cm in length and 30cm in diameter. Bonza Bins offers several different sized bins, depending on the size of the job at hand, and how much waste you expect will be produced.

  4. Save Yourself a Hassle • Hiring a skip bin is a great way to take the hassle out of green waste removal during a big gardening job. Getting a skip bin from Bonza Bins not only gives you an appropriately sized vessel to hold all of that green waste while you’re pruning and trimming, but our team will even dispose of it for you. This means you won’t have to be staring at a mess of twigs and leaves on your front verge waiting for a pick-up, it will be taken away as soon as you’re done. • When you hire a skip bin, you can say goodbye to several trips to the tip and using a heap of plastic bags to keep all the waste together: a skip bin gives you one central location for all the mess so it can be easily disposed of. All of our bins come fitted with drop down ramps so you can easily walk the waste in with a wheelbarrow. This saves a lot more time than collecting everything by hand or in bags and trying to stuff it into your regular bins.

  5. A Green Solution for Your Business • At Bonza Bins, we are committed to working towards a greener future. That’s why our skip bins are covered and your waste will be brought back to recycling centres or transfer stations where it can be sorted and recycled where possible. We aim to recycle as much as we possibly can, and green waste can be easily recycled to lessen the burden on landfills. Most facilities will mulch green waste and that mulch can then be used back in the community in local parks and in beautification projects.

  6. The Extra Perks of a Bonza Bin Green Waste Skip • When you choose a Bonza Bin skip for your green waste, you’re choosing a company with nearly 15 years’ experience. We price competitively to keep more money in your back pocket and provide quick delivery of your skip bin. • Our skip bins are strong and sturdy to keep all your trash in. We also believe in providing exceptional customer service and support with a personal touch. • So don’t put off those garden jobs any longer -hire a skip bin with Bonza Bins today.