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Green Living

Green Living

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Green Living

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  1. Green Living 9

  2. Vocabulary flea (n) a very small jumping insect without wings, that bites animals and humans and sucks their blood(หมัด, เห็บ) sneeze (v) to have air come suddenly and noisily out through your nose and mouth in a way that you cannot control, for example because you have a cold (จาม) feed (v) to give food to a person or an animal (ให้อาหาร) freeze (v) If you freeze something, you lower its temperature below 0°C, causing it to become cold and often hard (ทำให้เย็นจนแข็ง)

  3.     

  4. Answers F (275,000 tonnes of plastic are thrown away every year.) 1 T 2 F (The first fleece was made by an American company.) 3 T 4 T 5 F (Plastic bottles aren’t all used to make fleece.) 6 F (25 two-litre bottles are used to make one sweatshirt.)

  5. 5._______ 1._______ 2._______ 3.________ 4.__________ glass wool paper aluminium gold 10.________ 6._______ 7._______ 8.________ 9.________ wood silver plastic leather cotton

  6. Audio script and answers C 2.15 steel 1 glass 2 wool 3 paper 4 aluminium 5 gold 6 wood 7 silver 8 plastic 9 leather 10 cotton

  7. Possible answers A: What are they made of? B: They’re made of steel. Picture 1 A: What are they made of ? B: They’re made of glass. Picture 2 A: What’s it made of? B: It’s made of wool. Picture 3 A: What’s it made of? B: It’s made of paper.

  8. Picture 4 A: What’s it made of? B: It’s made of aluminium. Picture 5 A: What’s it made of? B: It’s made of gold. Picture 6 A: What’s it made of? B: It’s made of wood. Picture 7 A: What’s it made of? B: It’s made of silver. Picture 8 A: What are they made of? B: They’re made of plastic. Picture 9 A: What are they made of? B: They’re made of leather.

  9. Possible answers A: What happens in the reprocessing plant? B: I think plastic bottles are brought there. A: What else happens there? B: I think they’re recycled. A: What happens there? B: I think rubbish is brought there. A: What else happens there? B: I think it’s separated. A: What happens there? B: I think aluminium cans are brought there. A: What else happens there? B: I think they’re cleaned and recycled.

  10. Possible answers 1. Don’t throw away newspapers, magazines, paper and envelopes… . Think how nice it will be to use Green Pen, the first biodegradable pen in the world! 2. When we have a picnic in the school garden remember: Take a bag for the rubbish! Don’t leave litter on the grass! The school would be a greener and happier place! 3. Used it today? Don’t throw it away! Now it’s a can, tomorrow – who knows? – maybe a van!

  11. C B A D

  12. hot water rain about 19 flats walk

  13. 3 ______________________ 2 ______________________ 1 ______________________ cottage semi-detached house flat 5 ______________________ 6 ______________________ 7 ______________________ 4 ______________________ farmhouse skyscraper terraced house houseboat

  14. Audio script and answers C 2.18 detached house 1 flat 2 semi detached house 3 cottage 4 houseboat 5 terraced house 6 farmhouse 7 skyscraper

  15. Possible answers Questions from A to B and answers that B gives A A: Where is one Canada Square? B: It’s in England, in the east of London. A: Who built it? B: The Canary Wharf Constructors. A: Who designed it? B: César Pelli. A: How high is it? B: It’s 236 metres. A: How many floors are there? B: There are 50 floors. A: How far is the Underground station? B: It’s just next to it. A: How far are the shops? B: They’re near it.

  16. Questions from B to A and answers that A gives B B: Where is the Gherkin? A: It’s in England, in the financial district of London. B: Who built it? A: The construction company Skanska. B: Who designed it? A: Norman Foster. B: How high is it? A: It’s 180 metres. B: How many floors are there? A: There are 40 floors. B: How far is the underground station? A: Only five minutes on foot. B: How far are the shops? A: They’re near it.

  17. Possible questions: What type of house is it? How big is it? How high is it? Who built it? Who designed it? How many rooms are there? How many bathrooms are there? Is the kitchen large? What colour is your bedroom? How many bedrooms are there? Is the living room next to the kitchen? How many TV sets are there in your house? Is there a garden? Is there a garage? Is it near or far from the school?

  18. subject present n’t past be

  19. is taken are recycled is made are built Is held aren’t sold

  20. subject past n’t past past

  21. weren’t sold were stolen were made was presented was invented were sent

  22. Answers 1 ‘Candle in the Wind’ was written by Elton John. 2 Penicillin was invented by Fleming. 3 The First World Cup wasn’t played in 1940. 4 The Olympic Games were held in Greece in 2004. 5 When was the school timetable changed? 6 American Idol was won by Jordin Sparks in 2007.

  23. Who wrote Moby Dick? Who sang ‘Miss Sarajevo’? Who won the World Cup in 2006? Who said To be or not to be? Who designed the Eiffel Tower? Who lost the battle of Waterloo?

  24. 2 7 6 4 3 5

  25. B C A how adjective

  26. Thailand is in the northern hemisphere and eastern hemisphere. No, they don’t. One parallel line.

  27.  London

  28. North Pole Antarctica Greenland Russia Iceland Canada Norway

  29. 4 3 1 2 6 5

  30. Check Your Progress Units 7-9 Exercise 1 Answers Illnesses Remedies 1 sore throat 8 plaster(s) 2 stomach ache 9 antibiotics 3 headache 10 painkillers 4 temperature 11 ointment 5 toothache 6 cough 7 rash

  31. Exercise 2 Answers 1 V I T A M I N S 2 C A R B O H Y D R A T E S 3 P R O T E I N 4 F A T 5 F I B R E Exercise 3 Answers 1 Ewan should give up fizzy drinks. 2 Ewan should keep fit. 3 Ewan should join a photography club.

  32. Exercise 4 Answers 1 Son: We’ve got a new Maths teacher, Mr Brown. 2 Mum: Mr Brown? What does he look like? 3 Son: He’s got short curly hair and a moustache. 4 Mum: How old is he? 5 Son: I think he’s about 30. 6 Mum: That’s young. And is he nice? 7 Son: Yes. He always explains again if there’s something we don’t understand. 8 Mum: Good! Maybe you’ll get higher marks now!

  33. Exercise 5 Answers 1 Who speaks English? 2 How long has she studied ballet? 3 When did the show start? 4 Whose are those trainers? / Whose trainers are those? Exercise 6 Answers 1 If I were you, I’d go on holiday. 2 I’ll go to the beach if the weather is good. 3 What will you do if you win £1,000? 4 If I had more free time, I’d go to the cinema. 5 I’d go to the party if I had more time.

  34. Exercise 7 Answers 1 Who was this book written by? 2 That table is made of recycled plastic. 3 The letters weren’t delivered yesterday. 4 100 aluminium bikes are produced every year. 5 When were the terraced houses built? Exercise 8 Answers 1 B would 2 C had 3 C anything 4 A is 5 B will 6 C should