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Green living in China PowerPoint Presentation
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Green living in China

Green living in China

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Green living in China

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  1. Green living in China • Agenda • Build off site and sustainability • Sunshinehouse as an example of industrial passive houses

  2. Build offsite and sustainability

  3. Build offsite and sustainability • The overall objects of IndustriNetvaerk are: • To be an open forum for communication of knowledge on industrialisation • and system deliveries • To develop ideas on industrialisation using system solutions • To initiate reports, recommendations and development and research initiatives • To initiate development of system products and construction processes • among the members • To create the framework for establishment of new business alliances

  4. Focus area’s Digitalization Digital data model Marketing / sale Design/ configu- ration Demand and market research Idea and concept develop- ment Delivery of systems and partner- ships Product and production develop- ment Assem- blance, CE – Marking, QA Auto- mated manu- facturing • Output: • overall described concept • outline/ • visualization (3D) • prototype • business concept • Output: • business model • selection of partners • partner-organization. • Output: • Product • Off-site manufac-turing • Implemen-tation schedule Output: Selection of setup on-site including implemen-tation schedule • Output: • data model • configu-ration • concept • Output: • configurator for sale support • Output: • configurator for design of solutions • Output: • configurator for digital transfer of orders (inventories for manu-facturing) • Output: • Potential development achievements • product idea • service idea • etc. Output for each phase

  5. Building concept (Top down) • Architectural principle • Mass customized systems • Market focus and not only project focus. • System product(Buttom up) • Systemsupllier developing & delivering part system to the building • Clarify interfaces and construction principle for mass customiced systems Client driven development facade vindows ventilation solar cell etc

  6. Each of the four consortia consist of a system supplier responsible for the totale integration of the value chain and the supply chain Building programme Design principle Value chain Partnering Detailed design for manufacturing On site Primary product Off site manufac contractor Rubbish Leverance- teams Supply chain Maintain

  7. Kilde: Christian Thuesen, NCC

  8. The long tail and construction Construction in1960-1970 Traditional construction today Kilde: Christian Thuesen, NCC

  9. Mass productionMass customizationIndividual customization Customer value ? Unit cost Costs / willingness to pay Margin Diversity in range of products Mass customization – the principle behind “…producing goods and services to meet individual customer's needs with near mass production efficiency". Tseng and Jiao (2001, p. 685) Kilde: Christian Thuesen, NCC

  10. Two cases on Mass Customization in NCC NCC Komplett The German Platform Kilde: Christian Thuesen, NCC

  11. Mass productionMass customizationIndividual customization Leveraging similarity in the long tail Customer Specific building Customer Specific building Standardized building Customer Specific building Customer Specific building Standardized building component Standardized building component Customer specific component Customer specific component Customer specific component Standardized competence Standardized competence Standardized competence Customer specific competence Customer specific competence Standardized purchasing Standardized purchasing Standardized purchasing Customer specific purchasing Standardized purchasing Kilde: Christian Thuesen, NCC

  12. Manubuild

  13. Build off site certification

  14. Green living in China • Agenda • Build off site and sustainability • Sunshinehouse as an example of industrial passive houses

  15. ”SUNSHINE HOUSE is building 12 industrtialized terrassed houses based on the Passive house principle. !2 houses will be places in kolding and i Soenderborg (Jutland). The following partners are key players ind the Sunshinehouse: Domea (client organization), Salus (client organization), Technological Institute (konceptholder and project manager for the whole project) and the Knowledge center for industrial buildings (knowledge gathering and development). The terrassed houses will be passive house certified according to the German standard and there will be an indoor climate test of the finished houses.

  16. Passivehouses • Criteria for certificering • The heating load to below :12 kWh/m2 year • The energy consumption: 120 kWh/m2 år • Air exchange by infiltration: 0.5 l/s/m²b

  17. Mass customized houses Trade Mass production “Mass customization” High fleksibility Low repetition High flexibility High repetition Low flexibility High repetition

  18. Sunshine house as a holistic and integrated concept • Working with: • a digital infrastrukture (BIM) • optimizing the whole production process (Lean and automation) • a more simple supply chain by use of a system supplier (Supply Chain Management) • Continous improvement • Certification and insurance Sunshinehouse

  19. Sunshinehouse- Industrialised passive houses Certification and insurance Market Energy solution Processes

  20. Project phases

  21. Time table 18th of June 2009, Kick-off seminar End of August – study tour to Austria regarding industialized passive houses and in depth review of the design principle of the four types of terrassed houses 1st of December, final design for manufacturing and approved by the client organization 1st of September, on-site construction place is opened for the consortia June 2010 finished houses

  22. Winner Consortia

  23. Everhouse