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Prior Art Searches _ Boolean IP PowerPoint Presentation
Prior Art Searches _ Boolean IP

Prior Art Searches _ Boolean IP

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  2. We are a leading Intellectual Property (IP) firm that provides Dependable, Intelligent and Personalized IP Research solutions. ABOUT US BRINGING PEACE OF MIND Our R&D and technology experts work hand-in-hand with IP decision-makers to deliver clear, accurate & comprehensive report every time. We have served top US, European & Asian patent attorneys, inventors, R&D and business teams at corporates & universities. Our team has extensive experience in Opposition/Revocation & FTO analyses with more than 16,000 hours of research. Our team has average experience of more than 15,000 hours in IP Research.

  3. OUR PRESENCE CLIENT BASE IN 20+ COUNTRIES United States of America Canada United Kingdom Germany France Spain Australia New Zealand Israel Japan Singapore UAE Belgium Denmark Finland Italy Netherland Norway Portugal Saudi Arabia South Korea Sweden Switzerland China Our Headquarter

  4. CONSISTENT PERFORMING 15,000+ 10,000+ 15,000+ Successful Project Stories Hours of Average Team Experience Hours Delivered Globally 16+ 100+ 90% Client Return Rate Countries Covered In Searches Languages Used In Services

  5. Get all your Patent Search needs fulfilled at Boolean IP. We provide a worldwide search in 100+ countries covering 16+ Languages in over 60+ domains. With access to all the leading patent and non-patent literature search engines in the world combined with deep search and domain expertise, Boolean IP is able to select the optimal sources to provide you with the broadest and most effective subject matter and geographic coverage for each individual search. Having worked on patent searches with all sort of players in the industry including attorneys, R&D organizations, universities, investors, licensing firms, business consultants, NPEs etc; Boolean IP has equipped itself with astute understanding of their specific needs and have adapted its Patent Searches as per the best practices prevalent across the industry. Choose from below: PRIOR ART SEARCHES ▪ Novelty/ Patentability Search ▪ Invalidity/ Opposition Search ▪ Clearance/FTO/Right-to-Use Search ▪ Design Around Analysis ▪ Landscape/ State-of-the -Art Search ▪ Industrial Design Search ▪ Asian Language Search ▪ Knock-out Search ▪ Pointer/Bibliographic Search ▪ Watch Services (Patent/ Technology/ Competition/ Legal Watch)

  6. TEAMS & EXPERTISE INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING & MECHANICS LIFE SCIENCES & CHEMISTRY Computer Science, Electronics, Communication, Semi-conductors, Internet of Things (IOT), Device-to-device, VLSI, Substrates, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Machines, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Power Electronics, Cloud Computing, Security, Radio, Image Processing, & Chip Designing, etc. Mechanical Engineering, Automobiles, Robotics, Metallurgy, Metals & Alloys, Composites, Material Science, Textile, Bio- Medical Devices, Oil & Gas, Heavy Machinery, Electrical Engineering, Construction, Vehicles and Manufacturing, Fluid Mechanics, Aerospace, Chemical Engineering, etc. APIs & Pharmaceuticals, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Bioinformatics, Biomaterials, Foods & Beverages, Antibody & Vaccines, Microbiology, Genomics & Molecular Biology, RDT, Organic & Inorganic Chemistry, Adhesives, Catalysts, Polymers, Cosmetics, Petrochemicals, Detergents, etc.

  7. VALUE PROPOSITION Quick Engagement & Delivery Integrity Auto-Manual Analysis Multi Checkpoints Confidentiality Customization Free Unlimited Iterations 100+ Jurisdictions Multilingual Capabilities

  8. OUR APPROACH Listen & Review Finalize & Report Brainstorm Refine & Improve Execute

  9. WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY IP Head, Swiss Corporate “Thank you for your timely delivery of this FTO report. It was very well structured and comprehensive. The summary and recommendations' section was amazingly surprising for me. It was very easy for my engineers to understand the design around options. Phenomenal work product.” Senior IP Attorney, Swedish Law Firm “Boolean IP is, and has always been, very responsive to my needs as a client. The monitoring and searching have been of high quality and in the event that I needed something changed, they respond quickly. Boolean IP makes me feel like a valued customer.” European Patent Attorney, European Law Firm “Quality of summary of search results was better than expected. Flexibility in order to customize both the search and the presentation of results was above average. Boolean IP can always be recommended to other companies with respect to quality and delivery timelines.”

  10. CONTACT US ADDRESS 258 D, Maidan Garhi IGNOU, New Delhi India - 110068 PHONE + 1 437 800 2016 [USA] + 44 203 137 8216 [UK] +91 9560 550 680 [INDIA] EMAIL WEBSITE