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Abel’s Island

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Abel’s Island
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Abel’s Island

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  1. Abel’s Island By Maggie

  2. Rodent teeth These are some pictures of rodent teeth. Abel had to use him rodent teeth to chew through a log he was surprised with his actions. I don't think he was planning that force of action but he did it. Now he mite of used them again but only if he needed to because he really didn’t like chewing on the wood so I don’t he would have been using his teeth shortly after that.

  3. The owl • Winged assassin • Bone chilling • Dealer of death • (sentinel of Hell)

  4. Picnic menu watercress Black caviar Pot Cheese onions Quail eggs champagne olives

  5. Inventions • Board and nail • Board, nail and rudder • Sail boat using his jacket • Catamaran • Rodent teeth • Rope out of grass • Tunnel[did not work because if it fell no one would have known he died • Rope out of grass • House out of log • Catalpa tree hang glider • Mats and curtains • Statues

  6. Invention Elderberries wine Coat out of grass Curtains Speyer

  7. Retelling from the river I am the river I have been the thing that has cased Abel all of this trouble. The first time I met him he was holding onto a nail and board. I pushed him to this island. I have been keeping him there, I have been making my water run very fast so that he cannot get off. I have seen be civilized and go crazy . He has tried to put spells on things .I don’t think he will ever get off this island as long as I am around. He has already tried to make a bridge and he has made many boats but none have worked. I have trough them around and crashed them into rocks and hopefully that will teach him not to mess with me . I have not chosen him because he has done something wrong. I am not testing him either . But he has messed with me , he chose to go get that scarf so he chose to be on this island . I did nothing but put him here on this island because he chose to be here . If he had a chance to take this back I am sure he would but , he has no chance to take it back he is here to stay as long as I want him to stay. Winter is coming and he thinks he is going to cross me , he thinks I am going to freeze Ha . I will not freeze I am to strong you can not freeze me. If I had a heart I would send it to Amanda for I know she is feeling a great loss right know but she should have tried harder to keep him from grabbing that scarf or none of thins would have happened . But you didn’t so I will just tell what has happened lately . Abel has had some company not from a mouse nor some one to rescue him but a frog . This frog was brought to this island in a sort of different way he had just recovered from that long cold winter under ground. He was feeling great and thought he could take on anything . Big mistake he started washing himself in my river till. I found out and whoosh you should have not messed with me and now you will be sent to the island that I have been keeping my other prisoner . I am positive that this will surprise Abel that mouse and should surly surprise Gower this frog too. A few more pushes and ….. Yes he on that island I have to admit that I was purposely trying to get him on this island. Days have gone by and no attempts to cross my raging river I must have scared them . But I have been getting tired , it is not the easiest to keep to animals on a island. I am sure that no one will notice if just let up for a day or two . I was wrong that old frog has attempted to cross me I have no power left so I will just have to let him pass that is all I ca n do at this point.

  8. Retelling river He has successfully pass me but I have faith that he will not get help. It has been a while and no help has come but I and getting tired I need to slow down I will take a little brake and I am sure he will not notice . He has found out and yet I do not have the strength to speed up He will finally make it across I have done well keeping that mouse here .Farewell dear Abel Farewell!

  9. Retelling from the house I am a rotting log and I have no purpose in this world any more. Soon I will be gone so I must enjoy life while I am still around. I was once a beautiful tree and now I am a rotting on the ground and I fear my days are limited. But I have a pinch of hope I see a mouse he seems lost and I am the most suitable cover for that small creature . A few days have passed and it seems that I am now this little mouse's home till he finds a way off this island. I have picked up a few thing while this mouse has been taking cover inside me . Days have gone by and I have been given curtains a rug and one of my open holes where I have been rotting he has filled. I am grateful that I have been given a second chance . All of the other trees made jokes about me and told me you are nothing but a rotten branch you serve no purpose. But now I feel as new as the day I was planted . It is all thanks to this little mouse and I and honored to be his home. Time has gone by and I no winter is near the mouse knows it too he has been gathering food and stuffing me with any thing to keep him warm. I am starting to worry will I make it this winter will my save your make it I hope so. It has been snowing for days and I wonder if it will ever stop . But I have hope for it seems that the wind has slowed for now.

  10. Retelling from the house It has been a wonderful day can't wait for tomorrow . I have spoke to soon it is cold again and the little mouse looks annoyed by the cold weather. It is a new day and I am feeling great I think this fringed winter is over. And with the happy news of the cold weather being done comes another great surprise. A guest has come that means more people to make me bigger and better . But it seems that is not the case he will only be here for a while till the water slows then he will leave and I am sure that will leave Abel sad . The good thing is that he has a bad memory so he will not remember to get help and that means I will not be left as an empty log for a while. But it seems that Abel has gained strength and now he wants to cross the river and that means I will be left here with no purpose again. He is half way across the river and I don’t think he will be coming back . Good bye my dear friend good bye. As the year passed the log grew weaker and weaker till one day he was no longer there

  11. The Island 12,000 tails long 5,000 tails wide insects , cherry birch , mushrooms , hallow log black, Rocky shoreline . Stars in the sky and warm summer and cold winter . Ruff river but not impossible to cross.

  12. vocabulary • Caviar • Parasol • Hurricane • Gauze • Caromed • Capsized • Marooned • Endurance • Ingenuity • Civilized • Frivolous

  13. Vocabulary • Handsome • Accomplishments • Dreading • Restrained • Wrought – made • Embrace • Volubly • Crazily • Despondent • Stalwart • Frigid • Sequestration • Surmised • Bestirred • Freshets • Communing • Mite • devastated

  14. Abel Fancy likes expensive food and things. Vain thinks more of myself. Loves Amanda a lot and cares about her. Never worked a day for money he got it from dad. Able is going crazy with out any one to tell him what he looks like . Or talk to him only in his mind. He is a thinker and he is trying to put a spell on a feather . He had no purpose in life at first then when a frog came along and told him he was goo at making statues he excepted the complement and thought now I do have a purpose. He has came from a very civilized mouse to partly civilized mouse that came get dirty when it matters . He has fought off a cat a owl and at the end he had to fight off the urge to run down the hill and tell every one he was home he had to restrain himself and just go home not stop. Abel has come a long way and I am surprised that he has come all this way he is no longer really fancy or country he is in-between.

  15. Retelling from the Cat • I am the cat that has been watching the a little mouse swim across the river I have never seen such a thing but he seems to be weapon less I have herd from the owl that there was a mouse on that island that stabbed him well I not sure I believe that silly owl anyways so I am going for this mouse . I will wait till he has fallen asleep and then I will pounce and hopefully I will have a mouse in no time. It is time to take this mouse by surprise and boy I can’t wait mouse stew or Chocolate mouse yummy . Now is the time he has woke up and I haven’t had much fun lately so I will let him run it will amuse me to watch him scamper in fear. Now it is my turn I will catch him in no time. What’s this he is running up a tree two can play at that game I will climb the tree too and I will catch him and eat him right on the spot I am getting tired of all of this chasing. He is getting higher and higher I don’t think I can go that far but I will I am not letting go of this one . One more step and oooooooooooooooooooooo All I can here is my own thoughts I am afraid he will have to be for gotten for I am too badly hurt to go on. I am afraid this chase has to come to an end but if he ever comes back I will not give up I will catch that mouse if it’s the last thing I do.

  16. Literary devices • Personification “thoughtless weather” page 6 “angry thunder” page7 “a world that has lost its manners” page 8 “had a mind to go” page 10 “bright day was his only witness” metaphor page 23 “star shown with proud approval” page 56