welcome to mr romano and mr wandras 6 th grade math class n.
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Welcome to Mr. Romano and Mr. Wandras’ 6 th Grade Math Class PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Mr. Romano and Mr. Wandras’ 6 th Grade Math Class

Welcome to Mr. Romano and Mr. Wandras’ 6 th Grade Math Class

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Welcome to Mr. Romano and Mr. Wandras’ 6 th Grade Math Class

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  1. Welcome to Mr. Romano and Mr. Wandras’ 6th Grade Math Class

  2. Welcome • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. • Feel free to bring up thoughts, comments or concerns throughout the year.

  3. Your Behavior • RESPECT • People, Place and Things • Enter the room promptly, put your belongings under your desk and begin the Do Now. • Stay seated at all times unless you are given permission to move. • Bathroom use should be limited to emergencies • Sharpen your pencils at the beginning of class • Excuses end at the door. • Book bags, jackets and cell phones should be left in your locker.

  4. Class Procedures • Structured Class • Most days the routine will be similar. You will become familiar with the routine and know what to expect. • Room Layout - it’s set up to be efficient. • Dismissal • I will dismiss you after I have wrapped up what I’m saying and the room is back in order. Do not just get up and leave when the bell rings. • Grading • Combination of homework, classwork, quizzes, tests and projects. • You have a maximum of 5 days to turn in homework/projects (-10% per day). After that, you will receive a zero.

  5. Class Website • Our class website is: • The site offers: • Seasonal features and a monthly motivational video • Homework assignments • Classnotes • Test and Quiz announcements • IMS’ Grading Policy • Useful links and reference guides

  6. Supplies • Each and everyday you should have the following with you: • Pencils, pencils and more pencils! • A 1 and ½ to 2 inch binder with sections for: • Do Nows • Classnotes • Classwork • Homework • Returned Work • Loose-leaf paper goes in the first 4 sections. • Ti-30X IIS model calculator • A positive attitude 

  7. Remind and Textbook Website • Our textbook website: Class Username: sav3s1Class Password: Math14 This site offers: • An online version of the textbook Extra practice worksheets • Math Tutorials • Interactive Lessons • Manipulatives • Remind – Remind is a web-based program that allows for text messages to be sent to groups. It will be utilized to keep your parents up to date on homework, upcoming tests and quizzes and project due dates. Signing up is easy. Your parents simply need to click your block’s Remind link which can be found at or on the letter that will be sent home.

  8. Homework • Homework is an important piece of learning that enables you to practice the lesson and learn from your mistakes. It is not issued to just consume your time. No effort on homework assignments is NOT acceptable! If you don’t have a graded homework assignment, spend time reviewing past content, your math facts or vocabulary words. • All graded homework should include: • Your FULL name, the date, block and assignment (page and problems) at the top of the page (unless it’s a worksheet) • The problems that were assigned (unless it’s a worksheet, word problem or has tables/charts). • An attemptto complete all of the problems like they were solved in class. No shortcuts – Show all work!

  9. Homework • If homework is due, after you get situated, place your homework on the side of your desk to be checked. Then, proceed with working on the Do Now. • You homework will be graded using the following scale: • 5 - 100% complete, done as expected with all work shown and on-time • 4 – Some minor slip ups (some problems incomplete/some work not shown) • 3 – Many slip-ups • 2.5 – Roughly ½ complete and/or very late • 0 – not completed • You will lose 0.5 points for each day that your homework is late.

  10. IMS’ Grading Policy • Minor Assignments will count for two-thirds (2/3) and major assessments will count as one-third (1/3) of a student’s grade. • All submitted student work will receive a minimum score of 50, unless determined by the teacher that little or no effort was made by the student, in which case a lower numerical mark may be given and recorded. If work is not submitted then a 0 will be given. • Plagiarism – Any work that is plagiarized will result in a grade of 0. The first offense will result in a meeting with guidance and parents/guardians will be notified. The plagiarized assignment will have to be done but the highest grade that can be earned is a 74. Future plagiarism offenses will result in a meeting with parents/guardians and the student will earn a 0 for the assignment. • Any situation that involves cheating will result in a 0 for that assignment.

  11. Our Class Expectations • We expect for you to: • Try your best. • Be excited about learning. • Think positively in class. • Learn new or improve your understanding of previously learned math concepts. • Learn to appreciate math and understand how it is used in life.

  12. Your Class Rules & Expectations • Class Expectations • Try your best and never give up. • Believe in yourself. • Have a positive attitude. • Be prepared for class. • Stay organized. • Pay attention. • Ask questions and for help. • Hold yourself accountable – no excuses! • Complete all assignments to the best of your ability and turn them in on time. • Class Rules • Be respectful to all individuals and our school environment. • Do not bully others. • Act the correct way during emergency procedures. • Raise your hand if you have something to say. • Keep your hands and feet to yourself. • Do your own work - no cheating or plagiarizing. • Clean up after yourself.

  13. Brainstorming Activity • It’s up to you.

  14. Fire Drill and Evacuations • Fire Drill - Students are to exit the room, make a left and proceed out the doors and up the walkway. • Evacuation - Follow the fire drill procedures. You will either be sent to the football bleachers (right side when approaching bleachers) or the JFK high school gym (left side when entering JFK gym).

  15. Lockdown and Lockout • If a Lockdown or a Lockout is announced we have to: • Turn off the lights and lock the door • Close all blinds and windows, cover the hall window and collect cell phones. • Additionally, for a… • Lockdown: Sit quietly on the floor by the hall window so that we are out of sight from the door. • Lockout: All students should sit quietly below the heater so that we are out of sight from the windows. • The only message that ends emergency procedures is the announcement of our school code.

  16. Shelter in Place and Code Blue • A Shelter in Placemeans there is an external environmental hazard exists. • If a Shelter in Place is announced, we have to: • Turn off the lights and lock the door. • Close all blinds and windows and cover the hall window. • Continue class until further notice. • A Code Blue means that there is a medical emergency in the school. Enter a shelter in place until the emergency is over and our school code is announced.