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  1. Capitals

  2. H Hoarse Horse Hilarious Harvest Harbour Hypnotise Horrible Healthy Hysterical Honour

  3. Rules We use a capital at the start of every sentence We use capital letters for names of people Names of places have capital letters Titles of songs/books/films have capital letters When you are using the letter ‘i’ to talk about ourselves, we use a capital I Days of the week, months and holidays should always have a capital Names of one-off things need a capital. E.g: Old Trafford needs capitals but football stadium doesn’t Titles (e.g Miss/Mr) need a capital You should never use a capital inside a word unless you are trying to create a dramatic effect. E.g WOW!

  4. zoe and aimee went to flamingo land. it was a hot Day in july and alex was drinking a 2 litre bottle of coca cola. “have i got english? i hope we’re watching my favourite film, dirty dancing” blake said. richard was watching the ashes and Hoped australia would lose. ella couldn’t wait for whitby regatta. liam asked mrswhelan for a Pencil. dom said, “i think the Weather in poland is nicer than the weather in england!”

  5. Paragraphs TiPToP Change paragraphs when you change: Time Place Topic Person

  6. What’s wrong with these? My cat, who is called Eric, scratched me yesterday. When I went to Old Trafford I saw Manchester United play. Liam and Alex love Whitby Community College’s canteen Zoe and Aimee went to Flamingo Land in August. Richard and Blake watched ‘Fast and the Furious’ at Cineworld. Dom and Mr Featherstone played draughts. Ella read ‘Of Mice and Men’. I am going to France this summer.

  7. We use a capital at the start of every sentence “go away i’m not joking i mean it leave now” “Go away. I’m not joking. I mean it. Leave, now” In this example, the capital letters show the reader that a new sentence has started and this will mean they should prepare for a new (or connected) idea. As we read, we can see that the speaker is pausing and this might show that he or she is angry or that they are thinking about what to say next.

  8. When you are using the letter ‘i’ to talk about ourselves, we use a capital I When we use ‘I’ to talk about ourselves, we are using it instead of our name. If we used our name, it would mean talking about ourselves in the 3rd person! Our NAME would have a capital and, therefore, so should the pronoun ‘I’. E.g “Mrs Whelan wonders what Mrs Whelan would like for tea…would Mrs Whelan like chips? Hmmm” “I wonder what Iwould like for tea…would I like chips? Hmmm” ‘I’ is used instead of the person’s name

  9. Try to write down these sentences, making sure the capitals are in the right places i like going on holiday to france because the weather is nice. sarah, steve and ryan were watching the xfactor rather than strictly come dancing. dad and i went to elland road to watch leeds united play. i love christmas time because i get loads or presents and get to watch the eastenders christmas special!