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Activity 1

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Activity 1

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  1. Activity 1 5 minutes to discuss and feedback on the following: What devices are needed to create a computer network?

  2. Introduction to the Internet &Wide Area Networks

  3. Lesson Objectives Lesson Objectives Review the importance of certain learning habits for success in the lesson Understand the difference between a Local Area Network and a Wide Area Network Understand what the internet actually is Understand how data travels around the internet Success Criteria ALL: Successfully demonstrate an understanding of what the internet is and what data packets are MOST: Successfully explain how data travels around the internet SOME: Be able to explain the various parts of a data packet

  4. Learning Habits Important Learning Habits for Success in this Lesson: Adapting: Reflecting and making changes Noticing details Reasoning: Thinking rigorously, methodically and giving explanations. Empathising… …with feelings and views Effective use of time Questioning: Asking questions to get below the surface Imagining… …how things could be and seeing a range of possibilities Listening… …to understand Distilling… …what you have learnt and what you need to learn Collaboration: Working effectively with others Meta Learning: Talking about how you have been learning Imitation: Picking up good habits from others Independence: Working effectively alone Managing distractions… …and sustaining concentration Capitalising: Using resources purposefully Perseverance: Overcoming frustration and difficulty Making links… …and recognising relevance Planning… …your learning in advance

  5. Networking – LANs and WANs What is a Computer Network? Two or more computers connected together to share information and resources. (this can involve physical or wireless connections, or both)

  6. Networking – LANs and WANs What is a LAN? • A LAN is a Local Area Network. • It is a connected set of computers and other devices. • Each device is called a node (e.g. computer, printer, etc.) • A LAN is installed on one site. • Relatively small • It is owned by the organisation So what do you think a WAN might be then?

  7. Difference between a LAN and a WAN • WAN • Wide Area Network • Covers a large geographical area – may be worldwide • Devices may be provided by telecoms companies like phone lines and satellites • LAN • Local Area Network • Located on one site • Owner of network owns the network devices (cables etc) LAN WAN

  8. Wide Area Networks The Internet What do you think is the biggest WAN on the planet?

  9. So what is the Internet? The internet is a massive network of networks. A ginormous collection of connected computers.

  10. The amazing connections of the Internet Billions of miles of cables across the land. Undersea cables connecting continents.

  11. Data Packets Data Transfer Data Packet Header Error Check Sequence No. Return Address Destination Address • Files are split into millions of datapackets when sent across a network or the internet. • Packets get sent by different routes according to availability. • When you send a file online, the parts of the file might travel one way around the world and the other parts may go in the opposite direction! • Packets are reassembled at receiving end. • Typical packet structure:

  12. The amazing way that data is sent across the internet

  13. Your Main Task Today and HOMEWORK • Remind yourself of your target level… • …based on your target level you must pick an appropriate task. • THIS MUST BE UPLOADED ONTO MBC NEXT LESSON! • RULES • If your target level is a level 4, you can pick any task • If your target level is a level 5, you can pick any task – BUT NOT TASK 1 • If your target level is a level 6, you can only pick task 3 Choice of tasks on next slides…

  14. Activity 3 Target Level 4 Task Target Level 5 Task Target Level 6 Task Describe what a WAN is, label the ‘data packet truck’ and describe how data is sent across the internet. Explain the difference between a WAN and a LAN, label the ‘data packet truck’, explaining why the ‘packet header’ information is needed and explain how data is sent across the internet. Explain the difference between a WAN and a LAN, label the ‘data packet truck’ explaining why the ‘packet header’ information is needed and explain, with a diagram, how data is sent across the internet. Finally, research why a ‘data packet’ has an error check and how it works.