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Gregor Mendel/ Punnet Squares/ Genetics PowerPoint Presentation
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Gregor Mendel/ Punnet Squares/ Genetics

Gregor Mendel/ Punnet Squares/ Genetics

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Gregor Mendel/ Punnet Squares/ Genetics

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  1. Gregor Mendel/ Punnet Squares/ Genetics Hanna

  2. Week 15 : Monday • PROBLEM: • At the end of the year, Ms. Raspberry takes her class to get ice cream. There are 25 kids in the class. 11 Kids get chocolate. 6 Kids get vanilla, 4 kids get strawberry, 3 kids get rocky road, carlos gets lime sherbet. • Show ratios for the following (#/#, #:#), also show these responses as a %!!! (Divide top # by bottom!) • The whole Class • Ratio of Chocolate lovers to the whole class • Ratio of vanilla lovers to the whole class • Ratio of strawberry lovers to the whole class • Ratio of Rocky Road lovers to the whole class • Ratio of lime sherbet lovers to whole class

  3. Who are you Mr. Gregor Mendel? Born in 1852 in Czech Republic Spent 14 years working in monastery and teaching Discovered genetics working with peas in monastery garden Gregor Mendel’s experiments with pea plants laid the foundations of the science of genetics

  4. Poll Time!Two theories of Genetics • Blending Hypothesis • Traits from mother and traits from father blend together • These traits cannot be separated! • Like coffee mixed with cream • Particulate Hypothesis • Traits from mother and father are kept separate from each other • Some traits are hidden by more powerful traits Did you choose Particulate theory? Awesome your right!!! Now let’s see how Mendel proved this theory correct!!!

  5. Important Traits Mendel Examined Copy into Notebook----I want to see pictures :0)

  6. Mendel’s Experiment Punnett Square- Used to test for possible gene combinations (offspring) Father  Y Y Y- allele for yellow pea y- allele for green pea P1 Generation y Yy Yy Yellow Yellow Mother  Father- YY Mother- yy Yy Yy y Yellow Yellow Mendel mated true-breeding father (Yellow peas) with true-breeding mother (Green peas). True-Breeding- produce offspring identical to themselves (parent) Each parent has two alleles- traits they can give to child Parents Genes- DNA determines the possible alleles (traits) a parent can give to the child

  7. Question Time? • Why did all the peas come out yellow? Where did mothers green pea trait go? • The green pea color (mother’s trait) is recessive to the yellow pea color (father’s trait) so remains hidden behind yellow pea color. All peas appear yellow. • Dominant trait- visible trait • Recessive trait- hidden trait • How do we represent a dominant trait? • Dominant trait represented with CAPITAL letter • How do we represent a recessive trait? • Recessive trait represented with lower case letter

  8. Punnett Square Practice Time!!! Phenotype- Physical trait (yellow peas, green peas) Genotype- Genes/Alleles (YY, Yy, yy) Cross Heterozygous Yellow pea (Yy) with a Heterozygous Yellow Pea (Yy) F1 Generation Y- yellow pea y- green pea • Homozygous alleles- Aka: True-breeding • YY and yy • Heterozygous alleles- 2 different alleles • Yy

  9. More Punnett Square Practice Pod Color: Yellow vs. Green Plant Height: Tall vs. Short Pod Shape: Smooth vs. Constricted Flower Color: Purple vs. White