le tour de france n.
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Le Tour de France

Le Tour de France

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Le Tour de France

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  1. Learning Objectives: Know about a world-famous French sporting event: Le Tour de France Know the details for this year's race so that you can follow it in the media Find out about towns and places visited by the race Know some key French words connected with the world of cycling Le Tour de France

  2. Video Clips pour l'ambiance! Le Tour de France parcours - map (flash interactive map of the route and towns) Tour de France video 1 - 3D view of the route Le Tour vue du ciel - view from a helicopter Le Jeu officiel du Tour /A chacun son tour - activities for young people Découvrez la caravane publicitaire - the floats which follow the tour Le Clip du Tour 2006 - extracts from last year Le Tour de France

  3. Background information sheet in English. CHALLENGE: Read the sheets See how much you can remember about Le Tour de France through the 20 questions on the 'Who wants to be a millionaire' quiz. Reward for the highest score. Le Tour de France

  4. Sheet: 'Les aspects sportifs 2007' Find out the details about this year's race Answer the 10 questions to show you have understood. Le Tour de France

  5. Sheet: Grand Départ 2007' Find out what Mayor Ken Livingstone has to say about this year's race. Answer the 10 questions to show you have understood. Find at least 10 words / phrases which you have learnt through reading this passage. Le Tour de France

  6. File: Le Parcours Use the flash file 'Le Parcours' to find out information about the towns and regions visited by the race. Le Tour de France

  7. Get creative! Share the knowledge you have gained through this unit. Ideas: Design posters to advertise the event Find out about the cyclists Find out about the towns Find out about the sponsors Write to the cyclist / sponsors Le Tour de France