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  2. Stone Age Reiner was demonstrating how to skin and gut a rabbit.

  3. Stone Age I was so excited.

  4. Stone Age First of all you break the back legs.

  5. Stone Age then you cut them off.

  6. Stone Age The rabbit’s fur is stiff especially when they are dead and stiff. The rabbit felt like a big block of concrete.

  7. Then you just peel off the rest of the skin. It is hard to get over it’s head so you chop the head off.

  8. You feel so cruel but it’s fun.

  9. After you’ve skinned the rabbit, you cut a hole in its stomach. Then you put your hand up inside its guts and you pull out its heart and intestines. It feels like the outside of a big scaly fish. You feel like you’re going to spew up.

  10. It was very exciting making the fires especially collecting all the wood and trying to use the flint and steel. The dried grass was good for that. Making the fire was the best part of my day. My new invention was good for cooking the rabbit over it but it went really slow but I managed to fit in two.

  11. In the morning, we went on a hunt for a mammoth. First of all we put our bags on the hill then we went off on our hunt. We walked through a long track. We found footprints and fur on the way. Then there was a group of wild bison. Then we walked up a huge hill and we found a huge mammoth (toy). Then we walked back along the hill, back to Mrs B’s house.

  12. First thing we did at spear throwing was get into groups and Karl drew a line in pink spray paint in front of us. The person that was at the front of the line got a spear then threw it at the bank but we soon realised that the bank was too hard so Karl got a mattress and we threw the spears at that and it was much easier. It started getting too easy so we used the moving target. I was the first person to hit the moving target. We carried on until the end of the day.