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“SOMEONE ON THE OTHER LINE” Director: Sadaf Babazadeh Irani Producer: Neslin Sonmez PowerPoint Presentation
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“SOMEONE ON THE OTHER LINE” Director: Sadaf Babazadeh Irani Producer: Neslin Sonmez

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“SOMEONE ON THE OTHER LINE” Director: Sadaf Babazadeh Irani Producer: Neslin Sonmez

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“SOMEONE ON THE OTHER LINE” Director: Sadaf Babazadeh Irani Producer: Neslin Sonmez

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  1. “SOMEONE ON THE OTHER LINE” Director: Sadaf Babazadeh Irani Producer: NeslinSonmez

  2. SYNOPSIS • A father loses control of his life after his young daughter's death; get contact with her from the other side, via a toy telephone. Emotionally torn by sorrow and facing with his own saneness, the man begins to contemplate reaching his daughter’s sole request: reuniting her with her parents .

  3. Story step outline • Chris and Joann are in a child room packing the belongings of their daughter they have recently lost. • As Joan leaves the room Chris hears a strange ringing ,thinking it is coming from his mobile phone. He check his phone but its on silent. • he finds out the sound is coming from one of the boxes. • He opens the box and find a TOYPHONE picks it up and answers and hears his daughter’s voice. • He starts conversation with his daughter ,and she ask him to do not leave her alone in the situation and reuniting her with her mother . • He start to lose his sanity as he became distraught by the conversation that happen between his and his daughter. • he promise to help her daughter and this leads him to taking a • risk full decision. • Decides to kill Joann and send her to their daughter as she asked, But he refuse.

  4. Story step outline • She starts to take their daughter belonging away from home . • As he begins to changes so much after having conversations with his daughter ,Joan starts to get worry about him . • As Chris goes in he notices that most of the boxes are gone. Panicked he jumps to the floor, searching in the boxes to find the toy phone. and • He starts to contact with her daughter again, and gives her another promise insuring that she wont be alone anymore. • This times he decides to kill himself with the gun and goes and rescue her daughter from suffering. • finally he kill himself with the gun. • Joan lives alone with the tragic events that happened to her and her loss she is upset in the house . • She hears a strength ringing and As she walks into the room she sees the toy phone, at the top of one of the remaining boxes ringing uncontrollably.

  5. Underlying themes • Loss (loss of individualism) • Suffering (the loss of their daughter) • Hopelessness • Duty- the ethics of killing for duty • Uncertainty

  6. Genre • Supernatural horror • The story includes supernatural occurrences like: The afterlife and ghost. • Tragedy-Drama • As drama is a genre that relies on the emotional and relational development of characters, and the story will end up with the death of main character

  7. STYLE • Each scene will be designed to affect the viewers mind and build tension and suspense throughout the movie. • Consideration of placing the camera: in order to show different emotions of characters to audiences wide shots ha les emotions and closer frame means more emotion.

  8. STYLE • Sudden cut from wide shot to close up (surprise/shock the audience) in order for them to feel what the protagonist if feeling. • • Sound effects i.e.. Toy telephone ringing, gun shot when protagonist kills himself . • • Point of view editing ( making the protagonist’s character for the audience.) • • Suspense is Information :showing the audience what the characters don’t see.  If something is about to harm the characters, show it at beginning of the scene and let the scene play out as normal.(showing the girl picture before the phone calls.


  10. audience • Our target audiences are going to be the young adults who who find the plot interesting , they like mystery and suspense.

  11. StoryboardINT. CHILD’S ROOM - DAY CHRIS are packing the baby staff Into the box. Joan puts a large teddy bear into one of the boxes Joan walks to the door and turns back toward Chris. Chris continues packing for a few seconds. Chris struggling to hold back his Tears. He looks up toward the shelf

  12. StoryboardINT. CHILD’S ROOM - DAY Holds his mobile phone, but it is silent. He gets up and walks to the door of the room. He goes down to the boxes on the floor. TOY TELEPHONE is ringing from one of the boxes

  13. influences from other films The Door (2009) Director: ANNO SAUL The Dark(2005) Director: JHON FAWCETT

  14. characters • CHRIS :the father • Age: between 35-40 • Joan: the mother • Age:35

  15. Props • Toy phone • Some child staff to design the room • Boxes • Girl dress • Double bed staff • Suit • Overcoat • Briefcase • Gun • Fake blood

  16. Crew • Director • Producer • DO.P • D.O.P ASSSISTANT • SOUND • LIGHTING • LIGHTING ASISTANT

  17. High wave PRODUCTION budget for “SOMEONE ON THE OTHER LINE” • Travelling expenses for Cast and Crew: Total 9 people includes • 2 ACTORS • DOP • LIGHTING • LIGHTING ASSISTANT • SOUND • SOUND ASSISTANT • PRODUCER • Director • Each:10 • Each day:90 • TOTAL: £360 (covers 4 days of travelling expenses for 9 people)

  18. High wave PRODUCTION budget for “SOMEONE ON THE OTHER LINE” • Food expenses for Cast and Crew: Total 9 people • £7each • £63 each day • TOTAL: £252 (covers 4 days of food expenses for 9 people) • Paying Actors • £20 each per day • TOTAL: £160 • Props • £150 in total • Total price • £900

  19. thanks for your consideration Winter 2014