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  1. Licensing • Because DARWin-ME will not be available for licensing until April 2011, the annual license fees will be prorated for the period April through June 2011. • Individual License $5000 • The single user license allows for only one user. For two, three or four users, multiple single user licenses will have to be purchased. • Site License • Site licenses are based on the number of concurrent users. The unlimited site license allows use of DARWin-ME on an unlimited number of workstations on the agency’s network. • Site License – up to 9 users $20,000 • Site License – up to 14 users $30,000 • Site License – unlimited users $40,000 • An educational use option will not be offered until FY 2012.

  2. DARWin-ME will be available for licensing by April 11, 2011. Sunset Plan for DARWin 3.1 • DARWin-ME will be available for licensing in April 2011. • The plan and timetable for terminating support, maintenance and licensing of DARWin 3.1 is as follows: • All annual license agreements covering DARWin 3.1 will expire on June 30, 2012 and the software license manager (software lock) will no longer allow user access. • DARWin 3.1 information will not be included in the FY 2012 AASHTOWare catalog and new annual and unlimited licenses will no longer be available effective July 1, 2012. • All technical support will cease on July 1, 2012, fifteen (15) months after the release of DARWin-ME. • Effective July 1, 2012, existing unlimited license holders may continue using the software at their own risk without technical support or maintenance. • AASHTO will retain ownership of the software, but will provide an option for AASHTO member department licensees that hold an unlimited license to have a perpetual nonexclusive and non-transferable license to keep the source code and documentation for their exclusive use. Access to the source code would be "as is" and the agency will be required to sign a source code agreement with AASHTO.

  3. Brief Update on Agency Implementation • 2002-2007: Several States began early implementation efforts: MO, IN, AZ, UT, MS, NJ, MT, CA, VA, WA, others… • Materials testing, traffic data analysis, selection calibration sections (LTPP, others). • 2008-10: Several other States began implementation efforts. • 2011+: Several States waiting for improved software DARWin ME.

  4. Incomplete ID of Implementation Status NETC V, I(m), R V, I(t), C, D V Plan R V, I(t), C V, I(tcm) C, R V I(tm) R V, I(t), D, R V, Plan V I(tm) R I(m), R V, I(tc), R V, I(tcm) R V, I(tm) , R V, R V, I(m),R V, I(tm) C, D V, I(tm),R V I(t) C,D V, I(tcm) R V, I(tm) C,D V, I(m) , R R V I(tm), R V, I(tmc), D, R NJ V, I(tm), C, R R V, I(m) , R V, I(tm), R V, I(tm), R V, I(tm) R V, R V I(tm) V, I-tmc R V, I-t, R V I(t) I(tm) R MD V, I(tm), R V, I(tcm), D, R Acknowledge FHWA V = Model Verification/Sensitivity Studies I(tcm) = Input characterization (traffic, climate, materials) C = Calibration D = MEPDG Deployment (either partial or full implementation of procedure) R = Research ongoing

  5. Incomplete ID of Agencies with Ongoing or Completed Validation & Calibration NETC Acknowledge FHWA

  6. DARWin-ME • DARWin-ME supports AASHTO’s Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide published in 2008. • Technically, same as current MEPDG. • Run speed greatly increased, new features. • Base software: Was Freeware, available through the Transportation Research Board. • DARWin-ME covers 17 pavement design situations. • New concrete and asphalt pavements and various types of asphalt and concrete overlays

  7. DARWin-ME — Improvements • Efficiency • Increase software speed (Flexible pavement < 10 minutes) • Automated thickness optimization • Batch mode • Sensitivity • Functionality • SI version • Traffic caps for truck capacity • Stability • Correct reported bugs (Task Force directed) • Improve error handling

  8. Common Finding in Using MEPDG Montana, Missouri, Indiana – Layer Thickness resulting from MEPDG are lower as compared to the 1993 AASHTO Design Guide.

  9. Research Pays OFF!

  10. Summary of Comments from Other Agencies • Simply increasing thickness is not the answer in all cases (as occurs in AASHTO93). • Optimize specific design features to reduce construction costs and/or time. • Consider and systematically account for engineered materials.

  11. UDOT’s Status • Adopted the new design method in July 2011 • All pavement designs for UDOT projects with the exception of Local Government Projects will need to use the Darwin-ME program • Local Government Projects will have a 3 year grace period through which the old Darwin 93 design program may be used, these designs will require approval by the Region Pavement Engineer