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Facebook for Business

Facebook for Business

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Facebook for Business

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  1. Facebook for Business • Greg Clement and Rick Scheeser

  2. Current Facebook Stats • More than 500 million active users • 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook • Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events • Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month • More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month

  3. The Harsh Reality of Facebook • If not used correctly, • it could be a big waste of time

  4. Todays Objectives • To help you get the most out of Facebook for your business without wasting your time • Building out a strong, organized network of people (where to find people & how to communicate with them) • Creating an effective business page • Using Facebook Groups • Facebook Advertising • Show you what “not to do”

  5. Setting Up Your Personal Profile • Good profile photo • Fully filled out profile (good mix of business and personal) BE TRANSPARENT! • Upload pictures that show who you are • Slight references to your business, but not too overpowering, this needs to be mostly about you as a person • List your websites and contact information • This gives you a strong foundation to build off of

  6. Building Out Your Friends List • Family and close friends • Friends of friends • Use the search function to identify good potential business connections • Search through relative pages or groups to find more people who can benefit your business • Use personal messages to break the ice with people you don't know

  7. Categorizing Your Network • Create lists to make communicating with different groups of people less time consuming • Doing this from the beginning makes communicating in the future much easier

  8. Creating & Joining Groups • Great way to build out a network for people with similar interests to communicate • Quick and easy to set up • Invite the right people to join your group • Join other groups and share your purpose and objectives

  9. Building Your Business Page • This is where its all about your business • Custom banner with business information (600x200) • Set up your page settings right the first time • Share your page with the right people • Add an FBML opt in box

  10. Using FBML • FBML stands for “Facebook Markup Language” • Gives you a custom opt-in box on your Facebook Page • There are examples you can use located in the SIMS2 modules • Grab your unique ID located within the “Customization” section in Openroad3 • Go in to your “Facebook Settings” and set to be the first thing people see when going to your page

  11. Facebook Advertising • Advertise your facebook pages/groups or external websites • Cheaper than Google • Create appealing, eye-catching adds • Start with 2 adds with slight differences to test conversion • Target the right people for the add you create • Make targeting as specific as possible • Use your connections

  12. Blog Importing • Send your blog posts directly to Facebook • Done through the “notes” section or via a plugin on your blog • When using Facebook to import: just click “notes” under “application settings” • Then edit your import settings • Plug in your RSS feed or blog URL

  13. Be Social... • Always share your Facebook profile information • Websites • Business cards • Marketing Material