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WHY FACEBOOK MARKETING IS IMPORTANT? - Benefits of Facebook for business

WHY FACEBOOK MARKETING IS IMPORTANT? - Benefits of Facebook for business and employee. There are a lot of different reasons that businesses need Facebook on their side when it comes to marketing and reaching out to their audience.

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WHY FACEBOOK MARKETING IS IMPORTANT? - Benefits of Facebook for business

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  1. Benefits of Facebook for Business

  2. Benefits of Facebook for Business Nowadays this is one of the biggest platforms for promoting any business and getting quality leads for any product as they have a variety of users at Facebook. So Facebook is very famous and useful module in digital marketing. You can also see the number of active users in 2014 to a number of active users in 2018. They have actually doubled themselves. Some Benefits of Facebook Marketing for A Business :-  Benefits of Facebook for business • Huge Exposure on Global Scale Facebook is one of the biggest and active platforms of Social Media, Now peoples not only use it for connecting with friends and family, but it has turned out to be a beneficial platform for promoting and advertising any business (small or large both). Facebook provides multiple features for marketing in the form of organic or paid through pages, groups, offers, and ads. Facebook page for an individual or a business is the most used feature to represent an individual or a business. A group page can be opened by a business or an organization to engage with potential customers and promote activities. So that users can join the related group and also post comments on the group page called a wall.

  3. Benefits of Facebook for Business • Less Marketing Expenses Facebook marketing is open for small or large business both. As a Small business company, they have a low budget for marketing, at Facebook, they can create a Facebook page for any business and they can upload their product and services information.it is done free of cost. There is another option which is facebook ads which are paid, you can choose a targeted audience which is related to your business. Facebook ads are budget friendly too. Ads Amount are charged on different bases depending upon various factors. CPM and CPC are the two popular charging methods. CPM (Cost Per Million) is charged per thousand impressions whereas CPC (Cost Per Click) is chargeable per click. • Choose targeted Audience The most useful benefit of Facebook marketing is that you can choose your target audience so that there is no wastage of amount on the irrelevant audience. You can choose Audience on the basis of Demographic, age, Interest, Location, Language etc.

  4. Benefits of Facebook for Business • Engage with Audience Facebook is the best platform to engage with the audience as you can post on your page, group and customer can comment on that for their requirement. It is a two-way communication model where you can promote your product in organic or paid way. • User traffic to a website can also be increased. It is the best way to increase website traffic by adding a link of your website at the Facebook page, and also by posting interesting content from website to the Facebook page/Groups, so your followers can click the link and come to your website/landing page. Customers will get the required information from the Facebook page and then visit the website for purchase product/services etc. Now, let’s discuss how can you do Facebook marketing. Broadly Facebook marketing is of two types- • Organic Marketing • In-organic(Paid) Marketing This article will be divided into these two sections which are mentioned above. Facebook now has an audience of every age and every business. Starting from the steps below-

  5. Benefits of Facebook for Business • The first step for both organic and In-organic marketing will include a Facebook This page is the identity of your business on facebook which is very important as if anyone would know you that is by your identity. • There are many types of pages on facebook depending on your business- • Local business or place Company, • organization or institution • Brand or product • Artist, band or public figure • Entertainment • Cause or community Thus your identity or page should be good/well optimized. Now optimizing the page here means adding your details over it, major it will include many things such as-

  6. Benefits of Facebook for Business • PAGE NAME • THEME • CATEGORY • SERVICE • CREATING A CALL TO ACTION BUTTON • ADDING DISPLAY PICTURE • PRODUCTS • CONTACT • WEBSITE • BUSINESS LOCATION • TIMINGS • DAYS • ABOUT US • CREATING A BUSINESS PROFILE(This is for in-organic use only) As shown below there is a screenshot of a Facebook page after it is created you could follow the steps to create your page and after entering all the details your page will also look something like the page shown below-

  7. Benefits of Facebook for Business Now as you can see above there are many things which can be added in page details. There should be a call to action button on your business page so that the viewer could engage with the website and business if want to. Now that you have created your Facebook page and have also entered all your details over it. Your next step should start adding something for people to see on your page through which they could engage with business. 2. Adding post/content to your page for user engagement Your post should be attractive, engaging and always add a call to action button either that could go to the website or could be a call generating button. It should be user-oriented so the viewers could relate to it and see where they are missing it out. None of your posts must include hardcore marketing because hardcore marketing will never make your audience indulge in it. Even if the post just says about the service which you are providing than also it should be in a generic way so that the audience must feel good after reading it.

  8. Benefits of Facebook for Business Adding a post on your facebook page will help you in the following ways- • Personalizing your brand • Driving users to your blog • Generating more traffic directly to your website • Educating and creating awareness about your industry • Promoting the culture of your organization Facebook marketing is completely scalable as you start promoting your post and marketing organically. All of this is completely measurable by utilizing facebook analytics, giving you the ability to test, evaluate and adjust the strategy that you are currently implementing.

  9. Benefits of Facebook for Business • Organic Facebook Marketing Now as said the first step was common for both paid and organic marketing but from here we will continue to organic or unpaid marketing which includes techniques such as- • The first and major step for starting organic marketing is “Posting” This technique includes posting regular content on Facebook. The content or post being put on Facebook should be – • Original • Relevant • Interesting • Engaging If all the above points are fulfilled then the post will get maximum viewers and conversion if there is any goal. In the beginning, there should not be any conversion goals because first, you have to gain an audience after that you can coverts that audience into customers. Hereby posting regular content, we mean posting images, text or videos content. Now posting here just not includes simply put the post on the wall you need to make the post engaging which can be done by adding a call to action button that could be either a call to a button or a website link or could be a page follow button. • Creating Groups Creating a group is a very good organic technique. In this, the admin can make a group and add relevant people who might be interested in the services and product being offered.  In these groups, you can put your offers or post that might engage the relevant audience so that they can get converted to essential customers.

  10. Benefits of Facebook for Business Creating a group requires many things such as mentioned below- • Title • Description • Tags • Members These things matters as these are the essential things that help in making a good group. The title and description of the group should be written in such a way that even when a person sees it they should feel to get indulge in the group.  The group post should never be hardcore marketing as that would make the members of the group abandoned the group. The tags being used in the group should be less and their reach should be more that could happen only when the tags being used are trending or not. SELECTING TYPES OF GROUPS AFTER CREATION As seen below these are the types of the group you can create in Facebook these help in defining your group more specific. So whenever anyone sees your group they must be able to know what your group is about. This will make all your group members relevant rather than being irrelevant. 3. Inviting People To Like Your Page This means inviting the people of your known or friends or could be unknown also. Inviting them to your page to like and follow it as this will increase your reach. When they will like any post of yours page then that post will also show on their timeline to their friends and if by any chance if any one of them will like the same post then it would keep on showing on other timelines or profile too.

  11. Benefits of Facebook for Business Thus this is never ending like a chain the more like you will have the more people will be able to see or the more will be the reach of the people. 4. Adding By Default Message Which Pops Up This is also a free feature which is provided by Facebook itself to increase the utility and engagement of the people. This is a pop-up message which will be displayed when anyone visits your page. This could be any message which you want to be displayed and will only be displayed once to a user. If the person would want they can send you a text through that chat-bot or they could close it and keep reviewing your page. 5. Adding Offers To Your Page Here adding offers means posting any new offer such as a discount, sales or any other festive bonanza whenever you have anything like this. This is a special feature offered by Facebook itself which says that you can add offers to your page which will be displayed to your friends, followers. This also is shown to friends of those people who like the post. This is also the same never-ending the chain of the post as the more people will like it the more will people will see it. The offer being added on your page must be attractive so that people must at least see that offer and read what is being offered. Conversion here depends on the viewer’s need and mind, but the offer must be such that it should make the audience to buy the product or service.

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